Daniel Craig Just Canceled His Upcoming Production

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

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Daniel Craig is coming off his final appearance as James Bond in No Time to Die, but his newest foray into acting is suffering a massive setback. Craig was currently appearing in the famous Shakespeare play, Macbeth, on Broadway. The run of the play was set for 15 weeks but is now going to be delayed due to the actor testing positive for Covid-19. The play was deep into the previews at the Longacre Theater in New York City, and the theater posted the announcement of Craig’s diagnosis on its Twitter page. You can see the announcement below:

Although the United States is seeing a much more lenient response to Covid-19 restrictions, the pandemic is still ongoing. The choice to cancel the performance is to uphold the safety of the crew and the audience that would have been attending. Though in most cases, an understudy could be called upon to step in place of the main actor, safety remains one of the highest priorities. The preview performances were well underway, and the main run of the play was set to take place on April 28th and going well on into July. Though Daniel Craig has tested positive for Covid-19, there is still a chance that the play will continue its main run, but for now, the preview performances have been canceled.

Daniel Craig was taking on the titular role of Macbeth, while Ruth Negga was making her Broadway debut. Craig is well-known for portraying James Bond, and more recently as the Southern detective known as Benoit Blanc in the thriller, Knives Out. The sequel to the 2019 hit film is in post-production and slated to premiere this year. Knives Out 3 has also been announced. Ruth Negga is well known in the MCU scope as she portrayed Raina in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D series. She also appeared in the comic adaption of Preacher. Her most recent role is that of the 2021 film, Passing, in which she starred alongside another MCU veteran, Tessa Thompson. Thompson famously portrays Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, and she is set to reprise her role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

While the Macbeth play is currently canceled, for the time being, it is likely to remain on schedule for the standard opening on April 28th. The typical time to recover from Covid-19 is two weeks. Hopefully, Daniel Craig does not suffer from some of the more severe side effects of the virus, and he can recover quickly. The theater has also revealed that they are dealing with a limited number of positive tests, so Craig is not the only one who has contracted the virus. A limited number could mean that only a few of the actors and or crew have tested positive. The performances are also slated to be canceled until Thursday, April 7th. This could mean that the understudy and the rest of the actors could get the go-ahead to continue the previews of the Broadway play. Craig will be sidelined for a couple of weeks at the most, and we wish him a speedy recovery.