Daniel Craig Given Huge Honor By British Military

Daniel Craig was given a high honor by the British Royal Navy and it is tied to his incredible run on the big screen as James Bond

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Daniel Craig is about to wrap up an awesome run as James Bond when No Time to Die finally releases at the end of the month. In honor of that movie, and Craig’s time spent as the iconic character, the British Royal Navy has seen fit to make the actor an honorary commander. This is the same rank that James Bond holds in the films, making it a fitting place for Craig in this sense. The British Royal Navy made the announcement Thursday.  

Daniel Craig was clearly a fan of the appointment, a considerably high honor considering he was simply playing a character on the big screen. But the title is meant to highlight ambassadors of the British outfit, those who’ve upheld certain values in the public purview that improve the image. In this case, Craig seems to have done that in his role of James Bond over the last 15+ years. Craig said, “I am truly privileged and honoured to be appointed the rank of Honorary Commander in the senior service.”

Daniel Craig first took the role of James Bond back in 2006 with Casino Royale. It was an instant success and he was clearly here to stay in the role considering the suave elegance but brooding pathos necessary to play the role. He would follow it up with Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre over the next few years. His four films have been an overwhelming success, totaling almost $3.2 billion at the box office and hitting with the critics as well. He ranks up there with the best Bonds ever to do it without a doubt. 

No Time to Die has been a long time coming for Daniel Craig and company. Principal photography wrapped on this film almost two years ago in October of 2019 and the movie was supposed to release originally that November. That was pushed back to April of 2020 and looked like all systems go. But then the pandemic hit and with it the shuttering of many theaters across the globe. No Time to Die was one of the many films that faced considerable delays ever since then. Because production house MGM doesn’t have a streaming platform, the can was kicked down the road until theaters were opened at full capacity again. 

We will finally get to see Daniel Craig in No Time to Die when the movie releases on October 8th in the United States. It’s been a long journey, but if the trailers are any indication, the film appears well worth the wait. With this version of James Bond finally at the end of his arc, contemplating the meaning of his own life even in the wake of a global crisis and maniacal villain, the film looks every bit a James Bond flick through and through. 

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Now, when we see Daniel Craig take the screen for the last time as James Bond, we know the actor has also been given the same “rank”, an honor that will carry with him long after he’s left the role. Next up for Daniel Craig will be another role in a budding franchise when he reprises his Benoit Blanc character in Knives Out 2.