The Best Dan Stevens Movie Finally Getting A Sequel?

By James Brizuela | 16 seconds ago

eurovision song contest dan stevens

How often do April Fools pranks ever work out? Especially for anyone that happens to be in the business of journalism in any way. Often, we are hit with fake news stories that would otherwise be great if they were actually real. Well, based on the joking intention of a producer from The Guest, we might be seeing the best Dan Stevens film get a sequel. This odd occurrence was brought forth by Keith Calder jokingly posting a fake soundtrack for The Guest 2 on social media. This innocent joke has led to talks of a sequel.

Adam Wingard directed The Guest, back before he was tasked with bringing the world the highly entertaining Godzilla vs. Kong. He was also responsible for the Blair Witch sequel and the live-action Death Note film for Netflix. However, before those films existed, he was lauded for having guided Dan Stevens in his best film. Now based on that fake soundtrack, Wingard and the writer for The Guest, Simon Barrett, were pushed into a creative flow that could see the sequel finally happen. You can see this revelation below:

The Guest follows David Collins (Dan Stevens), as he enters the home of the Peterson family. Spencer and Laura are mourning the loss of their oldest child, Caleb, with their other two children (Luke and Anna). David shows up and claims to be the friend of Caleb, who was killed in the war in Afghanistan. However, accidental deaths begin to happen, with David being squarely placed at the cause of them. Turns out, that David has a ton of secrets and might be a fully trained killer. A killer who has been spent to the Petersons’ house for more nefarious purposes. Without running the rest of the film for anyone that has not seen it, there is a bit of a cliffhanger that the film leaves off on. So, it could easily lead to a much-needed sequel.

Quite honestly, The Guest is a thrill ride that pairs the horrors of a home invasion with PTSD and government secrets. If that all excited you to read, then you might be interested to watch the first film and its possibly corresponding sequel. Dan Stevens plays the part of covert psycho perfectly. Adam Wingard’s directorial style is evident in this film, as he was able to expertly heighten any situation to the most extreme measure. The Guest originally debuted in 2014 and has become a cult classic since then.

Dan Stevens made a name for himself in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast live-action remake as Beast, and in the hilarious Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga as Alexander Lemtov. However, his best feature is certainly The Guest. Fans and including us at GFR are pulling for the fact that there are talks of The Guest II. Also, if you happen to be a fan of the horror/thriller genre, go watch the first film and decide for yourself. Enough noise about the film might make the sequel more of a possibility.