Daisy Ridley Shares Her Favorite Star Wars Movie

Daisy Ridley played Rey in the latest Star Wars trilogy but she admits that Rise of Skywalker was her favorite one to film.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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The latest Star Wars trilogy may be derided by fans of the franchise over how it handled the new characters and failed to explain the return of Emperor Palpatine. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Daisy Ridley opened up over the difficulty she had as the new lead of the franchise. The actress played Rey starting with The Force Awakens but she considers Rise of Skywalker her favorite of the movies.

Daisy Ridley admits that being involved in massive movies was at first overwhelming, “On the first two, I was like, “Oh my God, they’ve chosen the wrong person. Oh my God, I’m gonna screw it all up. Oh my God, oh my God..” Going from a relatively unknown actress to the new face of one of the largest sci-fi franchises on the planet is a justifiable reason to panic.

Once it was time to film Rise of Skywalker, the third major Star Wars film in the span of only five years, Daisy Ridley was able to calm down and enjoy the experience, saying “But I also knew that I worked really hard and that I was in a very safe environment with a lot of people that I already knew. So I felt very comfortable, and I really made an effort to be present every day. And it was my favorite filming experience for that reason because I was really taking in everything, and none of the joy and excitement had gone.”

Daisy Ridley’s journey as Rey mirrors the experience of her mentor, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), from a barren desert planet to a marsh environment under the guidance of a Jedi Master. Each of their third films concluded in a throne room for Emperor Palpatine complete with turning his right-hand man to the Light Side. While none of Ridley’s trilogy will score points for originality, except The Last Jedi turning a jump to lightspeed into a weapon, at least she had fun filming the final movie.

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John Boyega, Oscar Isaacs, and Daisy Ridley in Rise of Skywalker

With a mix of hope and fear depending on how they view the latest trilogy, fans are wondering if Daisy Ridley will come back for more movies. Star Wars is experiencing a renaissance following the narrative disaster of Rise of Skywalker on the Disney+ streaming service. Long-form storytelling that can actually develop characters and tell a cohesive beginning, middle, and end has thrived since The Mandalorian reminded everyone of how amazing the setting can be when used properly.

Daisy Ridley’s co-stars John Boyega and Oscar Isaacs were done dirty by the second and third films. Within the same hour of runtime, Isaacs’ Poe Dameron and Boyega’s Finn received love interests without much screen time to develop a relationship. While Rise of Skywalker may have been fun to film and a great on-set experience, can you name the leader of the rogue Stormtroopers hanging out by the wreck of the Death Star?

A Death Star wreck that just so happened to crash perfectly to match up with the design of a knife that points the way to a secret world of Sith. Again, Daisy Ridley can love the movie all she wants, but Star Wars fans are just glad the third trilogy is over. If the next movie could not be about the same group of characters that would be terrific, after all, there’s crime syndicates that could make for amazing stories instead of The Empire/First Order.

Though Daisy Ridley may want to return at some point thanks to her amazing co-workers and fun times on set, the wounds are still too fresh. The actress can next be seen in Sometimes I Think About Dying, a quirky independent romantic comedy. Star Wars fans can enjoy the best part of teh franchise soon when The Mandalorian season 3 premieres on Disney+.