Daisy Ridley Is Finally Getting More Work After Star Wars

By Drew Dietsch | 9 months ago

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley has had a rough time in the post-Star Wars part of her career. The talented actress has shouldered a ton of undue criticism and doesn’t deserve the stigma some fans have put on her. Thankfully, Ridley has some projects lined up that are worth reporting.

Women in the Castle has been announced as a new feature film that will have Daisy Ridley in a starring role. Based on the 2017 New York Times Bestseller by Jessica Shattuck, Women in the Castle is set in the dilapidated ruins of World War II Germany. The Hollywood Reporter summarizes the story as, “a heart-wrenching and hopeful tale of secrets, survival and the astonishing power of forgiveness. Three women, bound by their past and clinging to each other for a future, must grapple with the realities of liberation from the Nazis, and face the consequences of decisions they cannot undo.”

daisy ridley murder on the orient express

It’s a strong and compelling lead role for Daisy Ridley to take on. Outside of her role as Rey in the Star Wars series, Ridley has not had a breakout dramatic role. In 2018, she played the title role in Ophelia, a reimagining of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. That film was promptly swept under the rug. Other than some voice work in video games and the children’s film Peter Rabbit, Ridley really has not been given the opportunity to stand apart from the mammoth sci-fi/fantasy series.

We can expect to see Daisy Ridley in another epic sci-fi film, Chaos Walking. That is an adaptation of Patrick Ness’s 2008 novel, The Knife of Never Letting Go. Ridley will be joined by Spider-Man actor Tom Holland in that project. However, Chaos Walking was originally set to debut back in March 2019. Due to reshoots and potentially poor test screenings, it has been moved to January 22, 2021. January is often considered the “dump month” for movies that studios don’t have faith in. This doesn’t bode well for Ridley’s star power in that film.

Thankfully, Women in the Castle sounds like the kind of film that could do a lot of good for Daisy Ridley. A dramatic period piece that is based on a best-selling novel is often primed for critical love. And it will be a good opportunity to see more of Ridley’s range as an actor. Her only other significant studio film was Murder on the Orient Express, though she was rather backgrounded in that film due to the star-studded ensemble cast. Women in the Castle will give her the chance to stand in the spotlight once again.

Daisy Ridley is an actress that we have yet to see at her greatest. Her performance as Rey in the Star Wars series was great and will be iconic for a certain generation of Star Wars fans, but she has so much more to offer the world of acting. Here’s hoping Women in the Castle is a successful showcase of her abilities. Women in the Castle is scheduled to start shooting in Eastern Europe at some point in early 2021.