The CW Just Canceled A Fan-Favorite Series

By Apeksha Bagchi | 16 seconds ago

cw, republic of sarah

In this era of shows (even the good ones) getting canceled too soon, the ever-constant fear to get attached to a new series is understandable. Whether it was Tuca and Bertie, I Am Not Okay With This, The Irregulars, Swamp Thing (which all had plans of extending further), and many more shows that have been canceled just after their first, critically praised season. While we were thinking that Netflix was being the flag-bearer in this particular field, the CW has joined the list by canceling the fan-favorite series, The Republic of Sarah. The Hollywood Reporter has disclosed that while the CW has renewed other shows like Superman & Lois and Walker, it has brought down the ax on its drama series, The Republic of Sarah.

The series has been canceled after just Season 1, which makes its upcoming episode on September 6 its final episode on the CW. The news was first shared by series creator Jeffrey Paul King who recently took to Instagram to share the bad news. After expressing his sadness, King proceeded to thank the fans of the show and requested viewers to tune into Monday’s episode on the CW to “help us say goodbye.”

The CW show focuses on a beautiful and quaint New Hampshire town, Greylock. While the town is mostly a quiet, peaceful place, it soon starts attracting unwanted attention when the highly valuable and rare mineral coltan is discovered beneath the land. When Lydon Industries, a mining company deadset on getting their hands on the mineral, enters the picture, the bold high school history teacher Sarah Cooper (Stella Baker) takes it in her hands to save Greylock and the homes of its inhabitants.

Ingeniously, Cooper discovers a mapping loophole where both Canada and the U.S. mistakenly never claimed the town while drawing their respective borders. While this allows the town to claim independence and establish itself as a separate nation, it also brings a flood of issues and hurdles to the CW show that Sarah and the people of Greylock have to solve together.

While The Republic of Sarah doesn’t hold a strong critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes (just 43%) and has been panned for its unsustainable plotline, the show enjoyed good reviews from viewers with fans of the CW drama digging its novel storyline. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what the fans or the critics say as it all boils down to how successful the show is in terms of viewership rating.

Despite the small corner that CW’s The Republic of Sarah had carved, it only managed to bring in an average of 326,000 weekly viewers and a 0.05 demo rating. As reported by THR, the show ranked pretty low on The CW’s Nielson rankings this summer and just raked in under 450,000 viewers. It only managed to beat Dynasty (439,000), Wellington Paranormal (310,000), and Dead Pixels (208,000) in terms of viewership rating, which is not a good status for a show if it plans to see a second season.