Netflix May Be Forced To Cancel A Popular Series Due To COVID

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago


The first season of Cursed release on Netflix in July 2020. While not the most popular original series of the year, it was still considered a hit. There were expectations of a second season soon to follow and rumors of a possible spinoff series starring Merlin. But then, as 2020 wore on, Netflix was silent about the show. It was assumed that the pandemic was causing delays. But could those delays now mean an early end for the series? 

According to insider Daniel Richtman, Cursed may be over. The delays due to the pandemic have pushed their schedule out too far. Cursed has fallen to the wayside, seemingly forgotten. At this point, he says that actors’ contracts have timed out. They are moving onto other projects, which means a second season would have to find a way to get them all back on set at the same time. He adds that this isn’t final yet and Netflix is still hopeful they may find a way to make this work. 

It isn’t guaranteed that Netflix will tell us if or when they cancel Cursed, which is possibly the worst news for fans. Netflix has been known to quietly cancel series in the past, simply never giving an announcement about a second season. That seems particularly harsh for Cursed, since it was quite popular, but there is so much content currently on Netflix that they may just be able to get away with it. 

Katherine Langford

Cursed is the story of the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, from the famous Arthurian legend. The television series follows Nimue, played by Katherine Langford. The actress is also known for her roles in Knives Out and 13 Reasons Why, which is also on the streaming service. Cursed is based on a book written by Tom Wheeler and illustrated by Frank Miller. You may recognize the name Frank Miller as he is famous in the comics world and best known for his work on Sin City. The book came out in 2019. There were no sequels. The team behind the book hasn’t made clear if they intend to make more. 

While some have speculated that the lack of sequels to the books makes it harder to get a second season of the show, that is unlikely to be a contributing factor. We’ve seen shows like True Blood that had a complete book series to base their work off of completely divert from the source material. While Game of Thrones didn’t have a final book to base their final season on, they diverted from the source material much sooner than that. If we fail to get a second season of Cursed, the books are unlikely to be the reason. Pandemic restrictions, timed-out contracts, and busy schedules all seem like more likely reasons. 

Currently, production at Netflix requires a lot more consideration for filming restrictions. While The Witcher season two is filming, that series is more of a priority for Netflix right now. Since Cursed did do well as far as we can tell, there is still some hope. If people are still streaming the series so the numbers indicate there is still interest, Netflix will consider that. And if the actors’ schedules manage to align when Netflix gets around to making a plan for Cursed, it could happen. It’s just seeming a bit more farfetched the more time goes on. Still, here’s hoping for the fans who wanted more.