Cowboy Bebop Actress Slams Fans Attacking Her For Not Being Sexy Enough

By Apeksha Bagchi | 14 seconds ago

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It has been more than two decades since the Japanese animated series Cowboy Bebop first launched and yet, it still remains one of the most beloved shows of all time. Given the long-standing popularity of the show, it is understandable that its fans have been more than invested in its live-action adaptation on Netflix. But recently, after the first look of the show was debuted, while most fans found that the characters’ live-action counterparts were spitting images of their anime forms, some criticized Daniella Pineda’s appearance as Faye Valentine. They said her costume isn’t as revealing as the anime character’s. Such a weird reason to lose their cool over, right? Pineda thinks so too and took to social media to slam the fans attacking her for not embracing the overly-sexualized look of her character anime series.

Earlier this week, the first look of the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop was released and fans had plenty of praise for John Cho rocking the iconic blue suit of Spike Spiegel. But when it came to Faye Valentine’s live-action costume, many were left disappointed. As we know, Faye wears a revealing lowcut yellow top and a red shirt along with matching flimsy yellow shorts that are barely held together by a set of suspenders. She also wears nude stockings and white ankle boots.

In a smart move, the creators of Cowboy Bebop didn’t attempt to replicate the impractical and objectifying look for Daniella Pineda and instead opted to be realistic and just pay homage to the original costume. In the first look photos, the actress is seen wearing a yellow shirt, a red coat, knee-high black boots along with black stockings and black shorts. While she looks perfect in her ensemble, some fans were quick to point out how they are disappointed with the stark difference between the current and original costume for Faye Valentine. 

While Pineda’s costume in the series does not resemble Faye Valentine’s get-up in the animated show, she truly embodied the character’s badass and quirky personality to the core when the actress addressed Cowboy Bebop fans through Instagram. In her video, Pineda dunked the series’ fans for expecting her to wear an exact replica of Faye’s costume from the show without realizing that the original costume was worn by a two-dimensional character and would be totally unrealistic for a live-action adaptation. She also highlighted that fans should pay attention to the fact that Faye’s anatomical proportions- “Six foot, double-D sized breasts, two-inch waist”- are just impossible to find in real life. 

“You know, they looked everywhere for that woman and they couldn’t find her, it was kinda weird. So they just went with my short ass, I know, am I right?” Pineda joked, before adding humorously that they did attempt to recreate the original costume from Cowboy Bebop but it “got sort of slurped up in my various crevices” while doing stunts. So, they had to build something that could “withstand the test of time.”

“You know, we tried, but doing stunts in tissue paper, things disappear, they rip, sometimes just got lost…” she added. This is something that Cowboy Bebop writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach also highlighted during his chat with io9 last year when he was questioned about Faye Valentine’s costume in the live-action adaptation. He had answered that her attire was designed with the one fact in mind that “a real human being” and not a 2D character was going to wear it. 

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The filming of Cowboy Bebop wrapped up earlier this year and the series is scheduled to debut on Netflix on November 19, 2021.