Constantine 2 Is Happening, Confirmed!

By Rick Gonzales | 7 months ago

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Constantine 2 is happening! The word comes down (or would that be up?) from Lucifer himself. Constantine, the 2005 Keanu Reeves movie that was initially panned by critics and fans alike, looks to be finally getting a sequel. This announcement comes courtesy of actor Peter Stormare, who played one of the best versions of the fallen angel Satan in movie history.

For Stormare’s part, his turn as Satan came late in the movie, but it was wonderfully creepy and left a lasting impression, one that looks like he could be reprising in the potential sequel. His post announcing Constantine 2 was short and to the point that included a picture of him as Satan from the first movie. His words were simple, “Sequel In The Works.” Check out his post right here:

The reaction to his Constantine 2 post was instant and agreeable.

Rumors of Constantine 2 have been swirling for years, even though the original film only holds a 46% critic approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. For what it’s worth (and that should be a whole lot), Reeves’ Constantine has received a 5.8 on the Giant Freakin Movie Score meter. But fans have had a different reaction with a major uptick in interest in Reeves and Constantine as Reeves has made a comeback with his John Wick franchise and the upcoming fourth entry in The Matrix franchise.

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Reeves and Constantine director Francis Lawrence have both long stated they would be willing to return to the world of John Constantine in Constantine 2. The DC character is a chain-smoking paranormal investigator that not only saw the light of day in the 2005 film but he also anchored his own short-lived TV series by the same name that starred Matt Ryan as Constantine. The series lasted one season but Ryan’s Constantine appeared later in the CW’s Arrow and also recurring (and eventually becoming a regular) in Legends of Tomorrow. Ryan would continue to play Constantine in the crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Reeves, Lawrence, and Stormare are not the only ones ready to return to John Constantine’s world with Constantine 2. Producer Akiva Goldsman (Doctor Sleep, Star Trek: Picard) recently appeared on the Comic-Con@Home 2020 event which was part of Constantine’s 15th Anniversary panel sponsored by Collider.

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Goldsman had this to say (via Screenrant) to fans about talk of a potential Constantine 2 soon after the movie premiered, “Yes. Oh my God it, yes. Endlessly came up. Boy, we wanted to. We wanted to make a hard-R sequel. Oh God yeah. I think we’d probably make it tomorrow. I mean, yes, we tried a lot of different ways to find…it was always, to the studios who made it, which were Village Roadshow and Warner Bros., it was always a little bit of a feathered fish. Its oddness, the thing that you’re talking about, which I do think is one of the most lovely things about the film… It’s not really action packed, it just has a bunch of action. This movie isn’t exactly a thing, it’s kind of a few things, which is I think what’s beautiful about it. But those seem to get harder and harder to make.”

It seemed, just recently, that despite Reeves and Lawrence’s interest in Constantine 2, the thought was put to bed because J.J. Abrams was bringing a live-action Justice League Dark series to HBO Max. The series would include Deadman, Shade, the Changing Man, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, and yes, John Constantine. The announcement of the HBO Max series also comes with big-time rumors of potential spin-offs for HBO Max that would also include one for Constantine. So, let’s hope that Peter Stormare’s announcement is dead on. There is no reason why fans can’t have their cake (a Reeves’ led feature sequel) and eat it too (an HBO Max series).

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While we wait for Constantine 2 to manifest, we would love for you to check out the original movie and read our defense of it, because it’s a movie that deserves a whole lot more love as well as a sequel.