Conor McGregor Is All Wet In The First Look At His Acting Debut

The first images of Conor McGregor on the set of Road House have emerged online.

By Mark McKee | Published

conor mcgregor

“I thought you’d be bigger.” Moviegoers uttered that phrase for an entire summer after Patrick Swayze starred as scrappy, and somewhat zen, cooler Dalton in 1989’s Road House. Now, a new remake of the classic will see Jake Gyllenhaal take on the role and have a new face in the acting world. Thanks to the wonderful access of Twitter, we got our first look at Conor McGregor in some production stills and background images for his debut in Road House.

The images show the UFC superstar in a body of water, only his head and shoulders visible while the rest of him is submerged, carrying the caption, “The Mac. The Movies.” The three images are different angles of the new actor, including a side profile, a straight shot with him glaring at the camera and showing off the smolder, and an angle off to the right that showcases the fighter’s tattoos. The comment section is filled with a mix of support and hesitation for the jump from the octagon to the big screen. 

That wasn’t the only taste we got of the film, as another Twitter post dropped some behind-the-scenes images of Conor McGregor on the set of Road House along with the film’s star, Jake Gyllenhaal. Another image sees the UFC legend standing behind a rubber raft, with Gyllenhaal holding on to the side, both looking at something to the camera’s right. While there isn’t a lot of solid information about the movie so far, this first look gives fans a small taste of what they can look forward to. 

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As of now, all that is known is that Jake Gyllenhaal is taking over the Patrick Swayze role as the zen, but brutal cooler, teaching others how to control an out-of-control bar as bouncers. Daniela Melchior, known for her role as Ratcatcher2 in The Suicide Squad, is playing Ellie, presumably the same role Kelly Lynch played in the original. We also know that the film’s setting is moving from the small town of Jasper, Missouri, down to the Florida Keys, maybe a rowdy bar in Key West.

As for the role that Conor McGregor is playing in Road House, there is no confirmation, but these images can give us a clue to the answer. In the original film, Sam Elliott portrayed Wade Garrett, an older bouncer that served as Dalton’s only friend and presumed mentor in the business. These images clue us into the idea that the two-time UFC champion is friends with the protagonist, likely taking on the role of Wade Garrett or a substituted similar part. 

The original film with Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott is a classic from the 80s that seems long overdue for a revisit. While this film probably should remain in the 80s, Gyllenhaal feels like one of the only actors that could make it work. With the knowledge the film originally went from featuring Ronda Rousey in the lead role in the early stages, Gyllenhaal gives it a little more credit with an updated cast.

But the film couldn’t escape the UFC completely when they cast Conor McGregor in Road House to add a bit of roughness to the hard knocks it will undoubtedly deliver.