Colin Farrell Apologizes For The Biggest Disaster Of His Career

Colin Farrell apologized on The Hollywood Reporter for starring in Alexander, which was a box office bomb.

By James Brizuela | Published

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell has been in plenty of amazing movies during his career, but one of his features happens to be the biggest disaster of his career: Alexander. During a roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter, Farrell discussed the movie and apologized for it completely. According to Farrell, “There wasn’t any Rotten Tomatoes then, so they had all the printed reviews, and one after another was telling me to pack my bags, I’d been found out: ‘Alexander the Dull,’ ‘Alexander the Boring,’ ‘Alexander the Inarticulate,’ ‘Alexander the Weak.’ I was like, ‘Holy s***.'”

Apparently, the backlash for Alexander was so bad, that he had to escape to Lake Tahoe for three days to not see the terrible reviews for the movie. Even worse is that Colin Farrell thought the movie was going to be his ticket to the Academy Awards. He added, “Right lads, were off to the Oscars…And then it came out.” Even Farrell’s publicist had told the actor how bad the movie was.

The roundtable discussion for The Hollywood Reporter is quite fantastic, as it includes Key Huy Quan, Austin Butler, Brendan Fraser, Jeremy Pope, and Adam Sandler, as they all discussed their memories while in the movie business. Granted, many likely did not have to come out like Colin Farrell did and speak on a movie that was so ridiculed, that it forced them into hiding for a few days. At least Farrell, had a good laugh about the movie, as he cheekily said he would “not give them back their $20 million.”

colin farrell alexander

Alexander stars Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, Rosario Dawson, Val Kilmer, Jared Leto, and many more. Just from that massive ensemble cast, everyone was likely right in their thinking that the movie would be an Academy Award-nominated venture. However, the film would become a box office bomb of epic proportions.

Alexander follows the rise and fall of the historic conqueror, Alexander the Great, though one of the biggest issues for the movie was plenty of historical inaccuracies. Colin Farrell may have received plenty of backlash for his acting in the movie, but director Oliver Stone was even more scrutinized for displaying certain battles inaccurately in the movie. Stone claimed in comments on the DVD that he didn’t have the time to properly research for the movie.

Alexander would make $167.3 million against a budget of $155 million, making it one of the biggest bombs ever made. Based on promotional costs for the movie, it reportedly lost around $71 million in profit. The movie would become one of the worst ventures for Colin Farrell, and the rest of the massive cast included.

Oddly enough, though Alexander would become a box office disaster for Colin Farrell, it would make a ton of money in DVD sales. Stone would release four different versions of the movie which include the theatrical cut in 2004, the director’s cut in 2005, Alexander Revisited: The Final Unrated Cut in 2007, and Alexander: The Ultimate Cut in 2014. The original theatrical cut and the director’s cut would go on to sell 3.5 million copies, and Alexander revisited sold nearly one million copies and became one of the highest-selling catalog items for Warner Bros.

It could be that people could not get enough of Colin Farrell’s acting in the movie, or the box office money and response might just not tell the whole truth. Either way, Farrell recognizes it as the worst movie in his career.