The Cobra Kai Team Is Bringing Another Series To Netflix

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

cobra kai

The creative team behind the hugely successful Cobra Kai series is now set to bring another action-comedy to Netflix. This new series is titled, Obliterated, and the title alone gives away a bit about what this new show will be about. However, it is not the type of obliteration that first comes to mind. Obliterated is about fighting through intoxication, instead of being blown to bits by some sort of explosives or gunfire. Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald are set to be working on the newly acquired show.

What is interesting is that Obliterated was initially claimed by the basic cable network, TBS, but has since moved hands to Netflix by the Cobra Kai team. There has been no reason given as to why TBS has left this new show to fly out of their control. However, it could be pandemic related. The network also recently canceled Kill the Orange-Faced Bear, the Damon Wayans Jr.-led series. TBS decided to pull the plug a week before that series was meant to enter production. Also, the Warner Media-Discovery merger could be responsible for TBS wanting to stray away from originally scripted programming until the dust settles on that merger. TBS is owned by Turner Entertainment Networks, which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery. However, Obliterated has now found new life on Netflix, a place where the Damon Wayans Jr. series could realistically end up.

Obliterated follows the lives of an elite special forces team that is responsible for stopping a massive bomb threat in Las Vegas. After a night of binge drinking, sex, and drugs, the team wakes up to the news that the bomb they diffused was fake. Now they must figure out why they were placed on a job with a fake bomb, and if there is a real bomb to even deal with. Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald will be serving as executive producers and showrunners for the new series. The eight-episode-long series will feature 45-minute-long episodes, with Sony Pictures Television producing the show. There has been no confirmed casting, but it has been reported to be well underway. With how many high-profile actors that Netflix has been wrangling in, it stands to reason that Obliterated can pull in a great cast. Also, based on the partnership that the three-way creative team has, they might even bring over some cast from the Cobra Kai series. Assuming, they can get away with using younger adults as the main cast.

Obliterated is clearly in the pre-production stages right now, so don’t expect to see the new Netflix series until the first quarter of 2023. Casting must happen first, and then the series can get underway with shooting. Considering that we are already in May, it may take some time to get everything going for the series to make its debut. Having only seven months to work with between now and the end of the year might not give the show the legs to premiere by the end of the year, even with how good the Cobra Kai creative team is. From the sounds of the series synopsis, this could be like The Hangover, mixed with something like MacGruber.