A Beloved Cult Cartoon Show Is Coming Back in 2023

The Clone High reboot will air on HBO Max in 2023.

By Britta DeVore | Published

It’s been a full 20 years since the doors of Clone High were opened and audiences were introduced to the students and faculty of the titular school, and now we finally have an idea of when the adult cartoon will be making its way back onto small screens everywhere. Taking to his Twitter account to share the good news in a post that you can see above, one half of the writing team for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Chris Miller revealed that the show’s reboot will land on HBO Max at some point in 2023. While that’s a pretty huge release window, it’s finally some follow-up news after the show received a two-season order almost two years ago

In Chris Miller’s tweet, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine director paid homage to the 20th anniversary of Clone High’s premiere episode and teased the upcoming season writing, “Seems about time to unfreeze the clones,” before revealing the show’s 2023 arrival. A GIF accompanied the caption with the top of the Clone High character JFK’s head going into defrost mode via a hairdryer. As one could imagine, fans flocked to the comment section, sharing their excitement for the long-time coming reboot.

clone high
Clone High

First dropping on MTV in 2002, Clone High followed the lives of several teenage versions of famous historical clones as they struggled through their high school years. Featured in the lineup of animated teens were Abe Lincoln (Will Forte), Cleopatra (Christa Miller), Gandhi (Michael McDonald), JFK (Chris Miller), and Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan). Leading the school was the principal and mad scientist Dr. Cinnamon J. Scudworth (Phil Lord) and his assistant Mr. Butlertron (Chris Miller). 

Clone High would ultimately be canceled following its 13-episode first season, but it quickly gained a cult following with fans constantly pushing for a continuation of the story. With their prayers finally answered, Chris Miller and Phil Lord teamed up with HBO Max to bring about two new seasons of the series. As of right now, plot details are being kept under wraps and there’s been no clear announcement as to what voices will be returning for the show’s long-awaited second and third seasons. 

If you’re a fan of animation and comedy, you may recognize the names Chris Miller and Phil Lord from a number of projects. While Clone High was certainly one of their biggest beginning breakout hits, the duo has tied their names to a number of incredibly successful productions over the last two decades. The team directed the 21 Jump Street franchise, penned the story and directed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and also co-helmed 2014’s The Lego Movie.

The Clone High creators also produced a slew of feature-length films including Storks, The Lego Batman Movie, and Solo: A Star Wars Story. The driving forces behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, both Chris Miller and Phil Lord are attached to the film’s sequel and threequel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, respectively. On the television side of things, 2022 saw the duo drop their series The Afterparty onto Apple TV+.

Staying busy over the years with some of the biggest on-screen hits, we’re thrilled to see that Chris Miller and Phil Lord are staying dedicated to the story of Clone High. With no specific release date on the calendar, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on Miller’s Twitter account for the next big update. If you haven’t seen the original series, you can catch all 13 episodes currently streaming on Paramount+.