Clint Eastwood’s Son Reveals He Turned Down A Major Blockbuster On Dad’s Advice

By Erika Hanson | 3 months ago

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Plenty of Hollywood’s elite have been known to turn down pivotal roles. Will Smith turned down roles like Django in Django Unchained and Neo in The Matrix. Even Laurence Fishburne has spoken out on occasion about saying no to Quentin Tarantino and turning down the role of Jules in Pulp Fiction. Incidentally, however, such refusals loosely have an impact on actors’ and actresses’ careers. At least, we hope that is the case for Scott Eastwood. The 31-year-old actor and model Scott Eastwood is likely best known for being the son of the renowned actor, Clint Eastwood. Growing up surrounded by the film industry, the young Eastwood seems to have learned the ropes of show biz from his mentor, Dad.

In a recent interview for Insider, Scott Eastwood opened up about his decision not to return to the Suicide Squad in 2021 following his role as Lt. GQ Edwards in 2016’s rendition of the film. According to the interview, Scott said that his dad, Clint Eastwood, ultimately aided in his decision to turn the part down. As stated by Eastwood, Warner Bros. offered him a three-movie deal that included last year’s sequel The Suicide Squad. However, the actor says he turned the opportunity down, with money being at the forefront.

“They didn’t want to pay me any money for those next movies,” he told Insider. In addition, Scott Eastwood stated that the uncertainty was another factor that led to his refusal, as DC didn’t divulge the other project he would sign on for. While contemplating his decision, it was his 91-year-old father and Hollywood vet, Clint Eastwood, would invoke words of wisdom leading Scott to the decision, as Scott reported his father explained, “If it feels like they really need you and if it’s a good part, then do it. If not, then don’t.”

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The irony of Eastwood turning down the DC roles surely hasn’t gone unnoticed by Clint Eastwood’s son. The 2016 Suicide Squad ultimately was coined a flop, while its 2021 sequel from visionary director James Gunn was not only a huge success for the DC Extended Universe but also a revitalizing turning point for the comic studio trying to compete with Marvel. The success of The Suicide Squad not only was considered to save the franchise by many but also led to HBO’s breakout hit series Peacemaker starring John Cena. However, given not only the awful ratings of his 2016 film but also the manner in which his character was presented, it’s understandable that Scott Eastwood would turn the opportunity down at the time. 

Other than money being the driving force in Scott’s decision, Clint Eastwood’s son also pointed to the letdown he felt when his character ultimately took a backseat to other stars of the film like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto. And as DC fans are all too familiar with altering cuts, it looks like Scott Eastwood’s Lt. GQ Edwards played a much larger role in what is now known as the unreleased Ayer’s cut of the original Suicide Squad.

The world may never know what Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood’s fate might have been had he accepted the role. Since the majority of returning actors’ characters were killed off at the beginning of 2021’s The Suicide Squad, we can’t help but wonder if the same fate would have been in store for Scott. And while we may never know if the decision ultimately affects the prospering Hollywood actor, you can find him once again on the big screen with his next project, April 29, 1992. The upcoming film stars Eastwood alongside Tyrese Gibson and Ray Liotta as a retelling of the infamous LA riots from the time.