Classic Martial Arts Anime Is Getting A Remake

By Douglas Helm | Published

Rumiko Takahashi, author of the Ranma ½ manga, recently took to social media to announce that her manga is getting a new anime adaptation. This classic manga got an anime adaptation that aired in the late 80s and early 90s’, so it’s definitely due for a fresh coat of paint. While the details about the new anime adaptation are very minimal at this time, Takahashi also teased that more information will be revealed during a stream on July 17.

Friends, Enemies, Multiple Fiancees, The Usual Problems

The original Ranma ½ manga ran in Weekly Shonen Sunday from 1987 to 1996 and would later get a 143-episode anime adaptation by Studio DEEN. The story follows a teenager named Ranma Saotome, who is a martial arts expert who is exposed to a curse that changes him into a girl when exposed to cold water and back into a boy when exposed to hot water. The series sees Ranma trying to rid himself of his curse, but he finds many obstacles along the way, such as friends, enemies, and the many fiancees he ends up having. 

The School Of Anything Goes Martial Arts

On top of being a martial arts series, Ranma ½ also has a comedic tone and became wildly popular when it was first released. In addition to being one of the best-selling manga series of all time, it’s also credited as one of the first anime to become popular in the US. Plenty of people are nostalgic for the original anime, but it’s definitely a little surprising to hear that there’s now going to be a new anime adaptation for fans to look forward to.

30 Years Since The Series Finished

Studio DEEN ended up following the original Ranma ½ anime series with three theatrical films titled The Battle of Nekonron, China! A Battle to Defy the Rules!, Battle at Togenkyo! Get Back the Brides, and Super Indiscriminate Decisive Battle! Team Ranma vs. the Legendary Phoenix. While Deen released 12 OVAs over the years, it’s been over 30 years since the original anime series ended. That’s certainly a long time between adaptations, but fans are likely happy to see that the story will get modern animation.

One Of The First Anime To Get Big In The West

It remains to be seen if the new Ranma ½ adaptation will get a chance to adapt the entire manga series. It’ll likely depend on its popularity, and there’s certainly a lot more for it to compete with, at least in the US now. While the original may have been one of the first anime to become popular here, anime is now a major phenomenon, with plenty of shows vying for the attention of anime fans.

More Information On The Way

Of course, Rumiko Takahashi’s works have been hugely influential to Western anime viewers, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Ranma ½ takes off. Many 90s and early 2000s fans of anime will fondly remember adaptations of Takahashi’s works like Ranma and Inuyasha. The rebooted adaptation of Takahashi’s Urusei Yatsura also recently ended and was well-received.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to find out more about the new Ranma ½ adaptation. It’ll be especially interesting to see who is animating it. Presumably, we’ll find out more about these details during the July 17 stream, which promises more information about it.

Source: Crunchyroll