Cillian Murphy Returning To His Fan-Favorite Role On The Big Screen

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

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Fans of the 28 Days Later franchise—the now-iconic horror universe debuting super-fast zombies and the classic opening sequence of emptied London—are in for a treat. Cillian Murphy himself is slated to reprise his role from the first groundbreaking film. His appearance will crop up in the second film of the upcoming 28 Years Later trilogy. Sparking an understandable wave of excitement, the role would come hotly on the heels of Murphy’s big Oscar win for Best Actor. 

Cillian Murphy Returning For 28 Years Later

Horror devotees the world over should be thrilled to see Cillian Murphy return to the post-apocalyptic universe that first helped catapult him to fame.

The upcoming feature films were the result of a competitive bidding process, one that saw Sony emerge as the victor. The studio has secured the rights to the highly anticipated project directed by Danny Boyle and penned by the original film’s screenwriter, Alex Garland. 

Hollywood insiders know that another major movie-making powerhouse, Warner Bros. still had a good chance of clinching the film, but Sony ultimately won the day. 

Not In The First Of The Trilogy

Unfortunately for fans, Cillian Murphy will not be in the first of the upcoming three films. However, details hint he’ll make a major cameo in the second film, directed by Nia DaCosta, before taking on a substantial role in the third installment of the series. 

The development combines the best of both worlds, returning Murphy to his roots while adding a layer of star power to an already star-packed cast that includes Ralph Fiennes, Jodie Comer, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

A Massive 28 Days Win

Cillian Murphy hinted at his prospective participation in the new trilogy in a December 2023 interview with Variety, where he voiced his enthusiasm for playing a role in the horror sequels.

Given the actor’s recent and substantial accolades in the acting world, this statement and his newly confirmed involvement amount to a massive win for the production team.  

Alex Garland Writing

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The first film in the rebooted series, 28 Years Later, has a budget of $60 million and is the beginning of a planned trilogy. Garland, who recently wrote and directed the much-hyped Civil War, will write each film. 

Production on the movie is around the corner; the film is set to begin shooting next month in London. Sony (and many in the wider film world) anticipate the movie will constitute a blockbuster revival of the series. 

Cillian Murphy Winning Awards

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Cillian Murphy’s plate over the next year is pretty full. Beyond the actor’s commitment to the second two of the 28 Years Later trilogy, Mirphy will also appear in Steven Knight’s Peaky Blinders movie alongside the film Blood Runs Coal.

With his Oppenheimer Oscars in hand, stepping into a period-piece film reviving his old Peaky Blinders role—and projecting roles in the 28 Days Later re-boot—Murphy’s versatility is on full display. 

28 Days Later Released In 2002

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The original 28 Days Later premiered in 2002. It starred Cillian Murphy as a bicycle courier who awakens from a coma to discover that the unintentionally released, rage-inducing virus (called Rage) has led to a true-blue zombie apocalypse. The film was a commercial and critical success, significantly enriching the zombie genre. Most of all, the movie innovated the genre through its use of super-fast zombies sprinting toward terrified humans and by employing rich, character-driven drama. 

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