See Cillian Murphy As Doctor Doom For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Check out this fan art of acclaimed actor Cillian Murphy portraying Doctor Doom for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

cillian murphy

Fantastic Four is one of the more mysterious projects announced for the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. It has no confirmed stars. Its initial director, MCU veteran Jon Watts, stepped away from the movie and has not yet been replaced (though it sounds like they are close there). We do not even know what will be about, except that it will involve Marvel’s First Family and it will not be an origin story (which Marvel Studios seems to have realized they can generally dispense). The only certain thing? That Cillian Murphy would make a pretty kickass Doctor Doom. Check out this fan art of Cillian Murphy as the monarch of Latveria himself:

The above image is from the Instagram account of @Bosslogic, who collaborated with fellow artist @kingsletter to depict Cillian Murphy as the greatest foe of the Fantastic Four. The picture shows Cillian Murphy as Doctor Doom, clad in his trademark green cloak and tunic. Beneath that, plates of armor peek out and one outstretched hand holds the iron mask that pretty much defines the character. Cillian Murphy’s face is mostly obscured by the hood of the cloak, but one eye peeks out and appears to both glowing green and emitting some kind of vapor, which is not exactly canon, but still looks cool. What can be seen of his face is ravaged and seems to have the kind of stone-like, cracked appearance as people suffering from grayscale in Game of Thrones. There is also a masked version on Instagram.

Cillian Murphy would be a pretty spot-on choice to portray Doctor Doom, though we have also posited another famously handsome actor joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For now, Cillian Murphy as Victor Von Doom is pretty much just wishful fan-casting, but it has been definitively established already that if fans want it enough, they can get pretty much anyone in the Fantastic Four mythos cast, at least for a cameo. Cillian Murphy already has a decent amount of comic book experience under his belt, having played Doctor Jonathan Crane aka the Scarecrow in all three movies in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. If he ends up playing another infamous doctor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no one will be complaining.

For his next project, Cillian Murphy will be stretching his range by playing a professor; specifically, he will be playing the title character in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, depicting the controversial “father of the atomic bomb.” He will be joined by a ridiculously huge ensemble cast, which includes almost-Black Widow Emily Blunt, former Iron Man Robert Downey Jr, secondary Black Widow Florence Pugh, fake Loki Matt Damon, and former Green Goblin Dane DeHaan. For now, we will just have to wait for casting announcements when it comes to the Fantastic Four movie, but Marvel Studios no doubt knows the fan enthusiasm for Cillian Murphy as Doctor Doom. Fantastic Four is currently scheduled to be released on November 8, 2024, but knowing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we will likely start seeing them pop up in post-credits scenes well before then.