Chuck Norris’s Grandson Was Just Kicked Off A Major Show

The grandson of Chuck Norris was just kicked off a major production for cheating. It was a blow for the family of the icon.

By Matthew Creith | Published

As American martial artists turned Hollywood actors go, there isn’t anyone quite like Chuck Norris. The star of Walker, Texas Ranger for eight successful seasons, Norris has witnessed his career and personal life take major ups, and a few downs. In any event, being a relative of someone as famous as Chuck Norris may come with some baggage of its own, especially when they are cast on a hit game show just for being a relative of a celebrity. Unfortunately for Norris’s grandson, being on a game show proved too much this week when he was booted from the show altogether for cheating.

As reported by MovieWeb, Chuck Norris’s grandson Maxwell Norris was asked to leave the popular game show Claim to Fame after it was revealed that the 22-year-old cheated during filming of the series. Norris was eliminated from the game on the series premiere, which aired on Monday June 11th on ABC. Behind the scenes, all contestants were asked to not use their phones while involved with the game, to which Norris chose not to comply and used his phone anyway. He was seen using a phone that he smuggled onto the set under a comforter, which violated the show’s rule of no electronic devices. According to USA Today, the hosts were taken off-camera and told of the scandal, to which Norris was quickly disqualified.

Claim to Fame is a new competition series hosted by real-life brothers Kevin and Frankie Jonas. The game show consists of contestants that are challenged to uncover the celebrity relatives of their fellow cast mates. It is a way for twelve relatives to come out of their celebrity family member’s shadow and live Big Brother-style with other contestants without discussing their famous family tree. The show serves as a vehicle for these cast members to find their own shot in the spotlight and gain a $100,000 prize money at the same time. So far, the sister of Olympian Simone Biles and the granddaughter of Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg have been unmasked during the competition. Entertainment Weekly reports that the news has yet to reach grandpa Chuck Norris of his grandson’s departure from the show, which could see the actor’s legacy tarnished.

Maxwell Norris’s famous grandfather, Chuck Norris, paved the way for his family to appear on camera. Maxwell’s father and Chuck’s eldest son, Mike Norris, has starred in several film projects including 1986’s Born American and the direct-to-video action film Delta Force 3: The Killing Game. One of Chuck Norris’s other sons, Eric, directed several episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger when it aired on CBS, in addition to a career as a stuntman and stock car racing, becoming a NASCAR Winston West Series champion in 2002. With the added media attention directed towards Claim to Fame, it doesn’t appear that any of Norris’s other relatives will be cast to compete. However, the show will go on as Claim to Fame airs new episodes every Monday on ABC with episodes hitting Hulu the next day.