See Christopher Lloyd As Rick In Two Official Live-Action Rick And Morty Trailers

By Tristan Zelden | 13 seconds ago

Rick and morty christopher Lloyd

Rick and Morty has gone into all sorts of weird places, but this time it’s going live-action. In two trailers, we got to see Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) as the alcoholic scientist Rick Sanchez and Jaeden Martell (Defending Jacob) as Morty Smith, the awkward and shy grandson.

Posted Friday (September 3), in the first video we see Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell step out of a portal into their characters’ garage, which looks exactly like the animated original. Giving his best Rick burp, Llyod’s Rick tells Morty that they are home. Watch…

Not following much of a story, the second clip gives a nod to one of the most iconic episodes from the series where Rick turns himself into Pickle Rick. The Knives Out and It actor stares at a pickle, worried his grandfather had turned himself into a pickle once again. Christopher Lloyd walks right up and takes a bite out of the pickle, revealing he has not made the same mistake. Watch…

It is uncertain if this is just a fun promotion as the fifth season has ended today (September 5) or if it’s something that will lead to an actual live-action version of Rick and Morty. Maybe they can get into some trouble with their animated counterparts in a future season or another related project as these shorts are technically canon as Adult Swim said it is in the C-132 universe. The C-132 universe is where the first two volumes of Oni Press’ comics of the series take place.

The casting of Christopher Lloyd as the mad scientist, who is inspired by the actor’s role in Back to the Future, and Jaeden Martell as his teenage sidekick is the best outcome fans could imagine. They perfectly capture co-creator Justin Roiland’s (Solar Opposites) acting as he plays both characters in the series.

Casting Christopher Lloyd might stem from comments the legendary actor made back in 2018. In an interview with Phoenix New Times, he said how he had seen a handful of episodes and really enjoyed it, despite not watching too frequently to keep up to date on it. He voiced how he is open to doing something, and now the door can open wider after these two 14 second clips.

Here’s a 1:1 comparison of the live-action version and the animated version of Rick and Morty…

Now that the latest season is over, we are unsure when we will get more of Rick and Morty, although we are certain it will return. While we hope to see Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell in the sixth outing, they have plenty of work ahead of them to keep fans occupied. Lloyd will star in Time, the Fourth Dimension, Super Athlete, The Tender Bar, Tankhouse, Man & Witch, and Tooned Out. Meanwhile, his scene partner will appear in Metal Lords and Tunnels.

With the popularity of Rick and Morty not letting up, we can always see Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell reprise their roles as the alternative, live-action versions of the titular characters. It has won two Emmies for Outstanding Animated Program and continues to be one of the biggest recent hits for Adult Swim.