See Christina Ricci In A See-Through Dress And a Leather Hood

Christina Ricci is wearing a leather babushka scarf in this photoshoot.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Christina Ricci is known for playing dark and idiosyncratic characters on screen, so it makes sense that she would be comfortable styling some odd outfits. In a photo set posted on the Wednesday star’s popular Instagram, we see her dressed in a translucent black dress and an intriguing leather hood with steel eyelets. According to Christina Ricci’s caption, the photos were taken as a part of a recent interview in Mastermind Magazine

The first picture in the photo set of Christina Ricci is in black and white, with the Addams Family star posing dreamily in a forest setting. The dress she is wearing is distinctly translucent and comes up to a halter-neck top. She is wearing wide leather bracelets and the unique leather hood (which has the vibe of a BDSM-themed babushka scarf) is tucked in a metal collar around her throat. All in all, it gives some lie to Christina Ricci’s claim in the interview that she has never actually been a goth (at least according to writer Isabel B. Slone). 

The second photo in the set is now in gauzy color, with Christina Ricci looking apprehensive while standing next to a large jade plant, her hands hovering over its distinct, glossy leaves. While she is still wearing the leather hood, Christina Ricci is now wearing a lavender baby-doll top and blue leather corset, making this one distinct outfit. The third picture sees her in a multi-colored shift dress and heavy black boots festooned with gold chains. 

In the fourth and final picture, Christina Ricci is back in monochrome and now wearing a negligee-like dress with spaghetti straps and a lacy hem. She has also moved into some kind of field, where she is surrounded by tall dry vegetation. According to the caption, Ricci’s hair was styled by Mark Hampton, her makeup by Edwin Sandoval (aka Loftjet), and her nails by Emi Kudo. The session was photographed by Tess Ayano. 

Christina Ricci as Marilyn Thornhill

It might seem a bit odd that Christina Ricci claims that she is not actually a goth, despite being associated with the gloomy subculture for nearly her entire life. It really just goes to show how deeply embedded in culture the image of Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams from the 1990s Barry Sonnenfeld movies is. While many actors try to distance themselves from the roles that define their early careers, it seems that the Yellowjackets star is not above going back to the gothic well at times.

Christina Ricci will star in the Netflix series Wednesday, which follows Jenny Ortega as a teenage version of Wednesday Addams as she attends the mysterious Nevermore Academy (and apparently investigates some manner of foulness). Christina Ricci is playing a character named Marilyn Thornhill who appears to be original to the series, so we do not yet know what her relationship to Wednesday will be. The show was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and executive produced by Tim Burton, who also directed four episodes of the series.