Christina Ricci Returning To The Addams Family, But Not As Wednesday

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

christina ricci

Christina Ricci could soon be coming almost full circle for a franchise that helped launch her career nearly thirty years ago. Though it’s been decades since she was living at 0001 Cemetery Lane, she could now be eyeing a return to the house, but in a totally different role than where it all started. That’s because Ricci is being considered for a role in the upcoming Addams Family reboot Wednesday on Netflix. But according to The Illuminerdi, it won’t be back in the titular role. No, this time around she could be playing Morticia in the show. 

This new Netflix show will take a different spin on The Addams Family than we’ve seen in the past. This one will focus on the titular character, the oldest daughter in the monster family but move her out of the house for a significant portion of the narrative. It will instead focus on her time at Nevermore Academy where she’s coming of age and learning to deal with her powers early on. In this way, the Christina Ricci casting could be more of the cameo nature than a full-blown featured cast member. If most of the show takes place at a boarding school there might not be a lot of story for the rest of the family. 

christina ricci

These casting decisions for Wednesday are still very much in flux. Nothing has been finalized, not even the lead role. The Illuminerdi is also reporting that part is down to two actresses Jenna Ortega (The Fallout, Yes Day) and Brielle Madison (The Good Witch). It wouldn’t appear this decision would affect the addition of Christina Ricci if the latter wanted to come on board. It more just speaks to how things are far from finalized for the program right now. 

That being said, getting Christina Ricci back in this pallid, morose and angsty family would be nearly perfect casting, and now that I’ve seen the rumor I can’t imagine anyone else in the role. Who better to take on Morticia now, all these years later with the actress reaching the age where she’d play the part perfectly? The original Addams Family came out all the way back in 1991 with Anjelica Huston in the role of Morticia and Raul Julia playing her husband Gomez. Ricci burst onto the scene as Wednesday, the brooding and defiant young lady who also has more than enough confidence to overcome her family’s weirdness. Ricci was great and went on to reprise the role in Addams Family Values

christina ricci

Whether Christina Ricci ends up taking this role remains to be seen. As with everything, there are hurdles to clear with casting and admittedly the original report says she’s just being considered for the part right now. But one would have to think she’s the favorite to land it if interested. It was the role that landed the then-11-year-old firmly in the public and industry eye. She’d go on to have a great career after. Next up for the actress is the series Yellowjackets and then the horror movie Monstrous. Let’s hope after that, it’s Morticia Addams.