An Iconic Christian Bale Movie Is Becoming A TV Series

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

christian bale

In terms of movies from Christian Bale, I can’t think of many that I’d want to see turned into television shows. The actor just doesn’t take many light roles, typically opting for darker, sometimes even fully transformative paths on screen. So no, his work doesn’t exactly scream small screen. But one of his flicks at least lends itself to a darker and potentially even comedic element that could work in a series form. And it’s actually getting a show adaptation. Deadline has it that American Psycho will be turned into a series in the near future. 

In an interview with the publication, Lionsgate Television Chairman Kevin Beggs went into detail about a number of different initiatives they had in the works over the next few years. One of those was to take American Psycho and give it a series run. Christian Bale isn’t reportedly involved with this new project but apparently it will follow a similar story to the book and the movie. If that’s the case then this will be one of the darker, though potentially funny shows around. The original movie was a unique look at the trappings and lifelessness of wealth in the city revolving around a clearly crazy though no less introspective character. 

christian bale

The movie American Psycho starred Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, an investment banker who hates nearly everything about his life and surroundings. But instead of leaving them behind, he takes out his frustrations in the form of long soliloquies about music and art while also murdering a ton of people around him. Christian Bale plays the part masterfully as a dead-inside Manhattan-ite who wants nothing more than to dispense of bodies around him. The film is bloody but funny, a true satirical look at this kind of life in the most extreme sense of the idea. 

When thinking about a show being made out of American Psycho, especially considering how Christian Bale played the role in the movie, it’s easy to picture something like a more cerebral and possibly gory Dexter (which is saying something). The vibe for the characters is similar in their psychosis though the latter does a better job of hiding it in his everyday life. Time will tell if that’s how they decide to carry the program, but in terms of movies/books becoming television shows, this one has a lot of potential if done correctly and without too much of a filter. 

As for Christian Bale, the actor is going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon when he appears as Gorr the God Butcher in the upcomingThor: Love and Thunder. He’ll play the villain in that film, something of a new look for the guy (in more ways than one). He’s also in post-production on an unnamed David O. Russell film as well. We won’t likely see him return for an American Psycho reboot but he did a lot to set the tone for that character. We will see if the next guy up can bring the same intensity.