Christian Bale Couldn’t Stand Being Near Chris Rock While Making Amsterdam

Christian Bale had to avoid Chris Rock on the set of Amsterdam because the latter was just too funny.

By Douglas Helm | Published

There are plenty of people that find Chris Rock hilarious (maybe not Will Smith), but it seems like Christian Bale is especially susceptible to his comedy stylings. So much so that Bale found it difficult to act in his upcoming movie Amsterdam, telling IndieWire “Chris is so bloody funny and I found that I couldn’t act, because I was just becoming Christian laughing at Chris Rock.”

Christian Bale went on to say he told Rock how much he loved talking to him, but he ended up having to isolate himself to stay in character.

Christian Bale is known for being dedicated to his craft, so it’s no surprise that he made sure to take the necessary measures to get into his role. This is the same guy who puts himself through extreme body transformations to embody his characters, so isolating himself from a hilarious comedian seems tame in comparison. Undoubtedly, Bale was able to work it out and stay in character long enough to get the film done.

Amsterdam has quite the pedigree, making it one of the most anticipated films this Fall. In addition to Christian Bale and Chris Rock, the film also stars Margot Robbie and John David Washington. Bale, Robbie, and Washington play three friends witnessing a murder in the 1930s and uncovering one of the most outrageous plots in history after they’re framed for the crime.

The cast of Amsterdam is rounded out by Robert De Niro, Anya Taylor-Joy, Mike Meyers, Rami Malek, Taylor Swift, Michael Shannon, Alessandro Nivola, Matthias Schoenaerts, Zoe Saldana, and Timothy Olyphant. David O. Russell also writes and directs the film, in his first feature-length effort since 2015’s Joy. There’s definitely a lot of hype around the project, and Christian Bale’s typical dedication to his roles is only adding to it.

This will mark the third collaboration between Christian Bale and David O. Russell, and if their previous track record is anything to go by there should definitely be some Oscar noms in the future. Their first collaboration The Fighter earned Bale a Best Supporting Actor win and American Hustle earned him a nomination for Best Lead Actor. Meanwhile, the two films have earned 17 nominations combined.

Though David O. Russell didn’t nab any wins for himself from those films, Amsterdam should definitely give him another chance. Although David O. Russell has been nominated for directing and writing a total of five times, he’s never taken home the trophy. Perhaps Amsterdam will be the film to change that.

Amsterdam will be the second film that Christian Bale has appeared in this year, and this time he should be a little more recognizable. The last time we saw Bale on the big screen was as the villainous Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder. While it was certainly fun to see Bale with grey skin and a shaved head taking on Thor, Amsterdam is the kind of prestige film that Bale really thrives in.

We don’t have to wait long to see if David O. Russell and Christian Bale can pull off a successful three-peat. Amsterdam will be hitting theaters on October 7. Make sure to check it out in a theater near you.