Christian Bale Returning As Batman In Batman Beyond, Replacing Michael Keaton?

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

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For a long time, it seemed unlikely we’d ever see Christian Bale suit up to play Batman ever again. He’d moved on. DC has more Batmans rolling in all the time. The time of Bale as Bruce Wayne is over. But now, it only seems more and more likely that we’ll see the actor appear in the cape once again. Last week, we let you know that our trusted sources have said Christian Bale is in talks to return as Batman. At the time, the actor was in conversations about taking up the role in The Flash, which is starting filming soon. Michael Keaton is supposed to appear in that movie, though that is currently up for debate. The question mark surrounding Keaton led the studio to discuss the possibility with Bale. That conversation appears to be ongoing, and now, it may also be expanding to include more projects.

We Got This Covered has heard from their sources that the studio is also looking at Christian Bale for the Bruce Wayne role in Batman Beyond. Currently, Batman Beyond is not a confirmed project, but it’s one that fans have whispered about for years. Beyond was originally an animated series that started in 1999. It’s a different entry in the Batman universe since in this story, Bruce Wayne isn’t the main character. He’s much older. Wayne serves as a mentor for a young Terry McGinnis. In this scenario, the 69-year-old Keaton would be a more natural fit for the role. There have been rumors of a possible Beyond series starring Keaton and Timothée Chalamet. When Keaton seemed ready to reprise his role in The Flash, fans believed that a live-action Batman Beyond seemed all that much more likely.

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Christian Bale is 47 years old. This makes him a touch young for the retired and wisened Bruce Wayne of Batman Beyond. However, if Warner Bros wanted to make it happen, and the actor was willing, the age issue hardly seems like something that would stop them in their tracks. But is the actor willing? While we’ve definitely heard that he’s in talks, that doesn’t mean he’s signed on any dotted lines yet.

It’s difficult to predict what Christian Bale will do next. He’s an A-list actor with a varied career, which always serves to make him more interesting. Sometimes he’s gaining weight to the point of becoming unrecognizable to play Dick Cheney in Vice, and the next minute he’s suiting up to play Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder. This is what makes him a fun actor. But it also makes it difficult to say whether a Batman Beyond series would appeal to him. Apparently, he seems open to discussing a return as Bruce Wayne, so why not? He’s currently appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder for Marvel. Maybe that has him nostalgic for his time in a cape with DC?

If Christian Bale doesn’t sign on for Batman Beyond, hopefully, Warner Bros will still see the potential of bringing something back with the story of Terry McGinnis. Recently, the creator of the original series urged fans to demand more from Warner Bros if that’s what they want. The animated team is entirely ready to bring the show back around for a fresh take on their side. Hopefully, this means we’ll be seeing Batman Beyond happen in one capacity or another in the coming years.