See Christian Bale Bald On Set To Play Thor Love And Thunder’s Villain

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

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Thor: Love and Thunder is currently filming in Australia. While Marvel Studios would prefer to keep things under wraps, photos have been leaking to social media that are giving us great looks at what’s happening on set. We’ve seen Natalie Portman looking stronger than ever for her role as Mighty Thor. We’ve learned that Russell Crowe has a role in the movie, though the studio has elected to tell us as little as possible about it. And now we’ve got our first look at Christian Bale bald and ready to play Gorr the God Butcher. Take a look at the photos below.

This gives us only a hint at how Gorr the God Butcher will look for Thor: Love and Thunder. Is Christian Bale actually going to look like a bald man? In the Marvel comics, Gorr is a terrifying villain. He travels through the universe, killing gods on different planets. His reputation is terrible. His teeth are chiseled to points. The character is definitely scary. But he doesn’t look like a bald man. Instead, Gorr in the comics often wears a cape that covers his head. His head is smooth of hair, and he has two horns that loosely drape down his back behind his head. If they’re modeling the character after the design from the comics, Bale likely has a lot of makeup and costume, or quite a bit of CGI to get the look right.

Christian Bale has never been afraid to change his body for roles. In the past, he has dramatically gained and lost weight several times in very short periods. For example, he gained a lot of weight for his role as Dick Cheney in Vice. He also gained weight, and changed his hair, for his role in American Hustle. He has recently said that he won’t be drastically changing his weight for roles in the future, citing health concerns after doing that several times now. However, it isn’t surprising that the actor is then willing to shave his head for a role. If he was willing to change his weight so many times previously, changing his hair isn’t such a shock.

Bale Hair Changes

We can guess a fair amount about the story in Thor: Love and Thunder thanks to the comic books, but Marvel is doing what they can to keep things under wraps. Taika Waititi, who brought us Thor: Ragnarok is the writer and director for this new installment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know that the inspiration for Jane Foster’s character arc comes from the Mighty Thor comic books. We also know that she is going to wield Thor’s hammer. Christian Bale is playing the villain. While we could pull from the comics and make guesses, Taika Waititi isn’t afraid of going wildly off in his own direction. He’s done a comics adaptation with Ragnarok and a book adaptation with Jojo Rabbit. Both keep the soul of the original material but are clearly Taika Waititi creations.

What will this mean for Christian Bale? Probably, that anything goes. Since the actor is known for being choosy about his roles, we’re expecting his character to make a big appearance and carry a lot of weight for the story. We’ll have to wait until February 11, 2022, to see it for ourselves.