Chris Rock Finally Responds To Will Smith Slap

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

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The slap heard around the world has been a part of every news outlet since Sunday’s Academy Awards. The moment has been argued by tons of people and the validity of what transpired between Chris Rock and Will Smith. After Smith finally formally apologized, tons of rumors began to come out that the pair had spoken to one another and sorted their “beef” out. However, when the rumor broke that rapper Diddy claimed the men hashed things out, Rock himself denied that rumor. Now on a video taken from a cellphone during the comedian’s Boston show, he finally addressed what everyone has been wondering about.

Chris Rock was met with thunderous applause and reportedly had tears in his eyes before he began his comedy show. This was all right before he had finally spoken a bit about what happened. In the video, he opens with a rather funny line to the crowd, “How was your weekend?” The question lit the crowd on fire. He would then go into what happened briefly, stating that he is still trying to process what happened and is not quite ready to talk about it. In natural comedian style, he said he will speak on it once the dust settles, and it will be “very funny.” We would expect nothing less from one of the best comedians in the world. Fortunately for the crowd in Boston, Rock exclaimed that he prepared a whole hour-long show before the slap occurred and that hour-long show would be what he would be discussing. It is not time for him to openly speak about the slap just yet.

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The event occurred a mere four days ago, so naturally, anyone would have a hard time speaking about such a devastating occurrence. Not devastating to Chris Rock, but the fallout from Will Smith should be devastating. However, you feel about the slap, Will Smith walked up and assaulted Rock. He was not removed from the ceremony, though it is being reported he was asked to leave and did not. The Academy has announced that they are looking into things and disciplinary actions will be taken. Tons of celebrities have come out to speak about what happened in the past few days, and a ton are comedians who naturally support Rock. Jim Carrey being of a stand-up comic background called the audience “spineless” as no one stepped in to reprimand Will Smith. He was further disgusted by the fact that Smith was not taken away in handcuffs.

Chris Rock is currently on a stand-up world tour and will be performing the hour-long set that he wrote for the tour. While everyone wants to see what the man truly has to say about the Academy Awards, it will likely take some time, and it will likely be very funny, as stated by the comic. For now, people can return to arguing about who is right or wrong. In a world where people argue about outdated principles and ideologies, it seems as if everyone has forgotten all about “sticks and stones.”