Chris Pratt Will Be The Next Indiana Jones?

Could Chris Pratt be next in line to play Indiana Jones? It appears the actor has thought about it and maybe even been approached

By Doug Norrie | Published

chris pratt

With Harrison Ford about to wrap up his fifth and final film in the Indiana Jones franchise, there’s been significant speculation about what will happen with these stories in the future. Ford has become so synonymous with the character that it’s tough to think about someone else taking on the fedora and whip, essentially swashbuckling through archeological digs. But it will probably eventually happen. One guy that’s been rumored over the years to possibly take over the role has been Chris Pratt, though nothing official has ever come out about the prospect. Recently Pratt did let on that he may have been approached for the role and did give it real consideration.

While talking with Josh Horowitz from the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Chris Pratt was asked about whether there was any fire with the smoke that he had talked to Steven Spielberg about actually taking over the Indiana Jones role. Pratt plays coy at first, asking who Steven Spielberg even is, and then sort of sidesteps the question. He does deny that there is truth to him taking on the role right now, but it does appear fairly obvious in the answer that he has at least very much considered it. And he dodges the part about Spielberg asking him, though carefully doesn’t deny it at all. Check out what Chris Pratt had to say and see if you think this is something that could be in the works even if Pratt denies it. 

Sure, Chris Pratt says that it isn’t currently in the works. But based on some of his answers, it’s clear that he’s thought, and maybe even been approached, about playing Indiana Jones. For starters, he gives the specific caveat of having seen that Harrison Ford claimed the character would die with him. To which, Pratt also wonders if he would be haunted from beyond the grave if he took over the iconic role. This was an active piece of thinking, something (even as a joke), he’d clearly already thought about before. And he definitely skirts quickly past the Steven Spielberg piece which would give you the sense that the director and Chris Pratt could have discussed this at some point.

Even if it did come to pass that Chris Pratt took over for Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones role, it would be quite some time before it actually happened. That’s because we haven’t even gotten the fifth installment in the franchise yet. The currently untitled Indiana Jones 5 (rumors had it as Indiana Jones and The Order of the Elysium) is set for a release next summer. The flick has faced a number of different delays during production, though does look on track to finally hit theaters in a little less than a year.

Directed by James Mangold, the movie is reported to deal with Operation Paperclip and a Nazi scientist’s infiltration of NASA. Oh, and there could be some time travel involved as well. For Harrison Ford, it will be his last turn as the character, but who knows what the future holds here. As we’ve seen, studios have no issue rebooting things when the time is right. It could be Chris Pratt in the title role when it’s all said and done.