Chris Pratt Scared From Role By Harrison Ford’s Ghost

Be careful, Chris.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Chris Pratt

Funny dude Chris Pratt is at it again, but this time, he’s deadly serious. The actor, who most recently appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder as his Marvel character Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, has revealed that he’s too spooked to even consider taking on the role of Indiana Jones. Not that he would need to, because Harrison Ford is still as spry as ever and will appear as the titular adventurer in the upcoming fifth installment of the franchise. 

But, with the Hollywood rumor mill a’churnin’ fans of both Indiana Jones and Chris Pratt have been speculating that the actor will step into the role after Harrison Ford is done with it – or kicks the bucket, whichever may come first. The idea behind the recasting comes from the belief that franchise creator Steven Spielberg actually approached Pratt and asked him if he would be interested. But, during a sit down with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Pratt railed against this idea, claiming that he would be worried about being “haunted by the ghost of Harrison Ford,” should he take over the role. 

But where does this ridiculous fear stem from? Chris Pratt says that he once read a quote from the legendary actor (which he admits may have been a fake, but it’s true!), in which Ford said that when he passes, so does Indy. Meaning that the franchise ends with him. To this, Pratt wondered if he would be the victim of a terrifyingly angry ghost Harrison Ford should he pick up the torch and march onward. 

God bless Harrison Ford, because as we mentioned above, this quote is pretty much verbatim. During an interview back in 2019 (when the world was a tiny bit easier), Ford told the interviewer, “Don’t you get it? I’m Indiana Jones. When I’m gone, he’s gone. It’s easy.” While we wish the statement would’ve ended with a table flip, that wasn’t the case – but we can still see a gruff and grumpy Ford responding with some sass in his tone. And, while now Chris Pratt’s worries are seeming to be more solid, the chances of someone else stepping into the role in some facet are pretty high.

With a franchise as popular as Indiana Jones, those backing it are bound to try and keep the story (and dollar signs) going. And if they wanted to honor Harrison Ford’s wishes, they could still absolutely do that. Take a look at Ford’s other mega-blockbuster franchise, Star Wars. They just keep throwing other characters into that world and it works for them (we know some of you won’t agree!), a storytelling tool that production could use should they want to move forward with Indy films when Ford is deceased. Heck, Indiana Jones could have a kid (who isn’t Mutt Williams) that we don’t know about who could step into the explorer’s world and take over. There’s the loophole in Chris Pratt’s haunting theory!

No matter what the case, we hate to think about an iconic actor like Harrison Ford passing away. We’ve had enough heartbreaking deaths in Hollywood to even be talking about who would go on to play Indiana Jones should something like that happen. But, we’re here to tell Chris Pratt that if he should want to join the franchise’s universe, there’s still possibilities of that happening without having a ghost follow him around.