See Chris Pratt As Han Solo

Check out what Chris Pratt would look like as another swashbuckling space cowboy in a famous franchise. He's here deepfaked as Han Solo

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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Chris Pratt is already part of one of the biggest movie franchises around, playing a now-iconic character who he helped vault him into the collective consciousness. But that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine him in other, even more, iconic roles going forward. And thanks to deepfake technology we can do that. Check out what Chris Pratt looks like playing Han Solo in the across the character’s timeline in the Star Wars franchise:

As with all of these deepfake videos, the differences between Chris Pratt and the original casting of Alden Ehrenreich in Solo: A Star Wars Story are nearly indiscernible. Even put side-by-side on the screen, the viewer can struggle to see who is who even with the labels clearly under each actor. It’s a little starker when later they put Pratt side-by-side with Harrison Ford’s character from the original movies. In those, we can more easily see the differences though it’s more glaring in some scenes than others. They roll through most of the franchise, picking out some of the more iconic Han Solo scenes along the way. 

han solo

In some respects, it’s helpful to be able to picture Chris Pratt as a swashbuckling space cowboy already. We’ve already seen him carry himself as an overly-brash, confident-to-a-fault, one-liner-dealing hero in another role. In many respects, his Peter Quill/ Star-Lord character isn’t at all dissimilar to Solo. Both start as smugglers and thieves, in command of their prized ship and acting very much as relative outlaws. Putting Pratt’s face up on screen as Solo here doesn’t require all that much of a divergence. It kind of just works. 

Chris pratt han solo

In addition to this latest Chris Pratt-as-Han Solo deepfake, we’ve had others in the Star Wars universe lately with some familiar faces being “cast” into the iconic roles. There was a Sebastian Stan-as-Luke Skywalker mashup that came on the heels of The Mandalorian finishing its second season. That one made sense considering there could be some recasting going forward in that show. And then there was Millie Bobby Brown as Princess Leia. Like the others, this one played nearly perfectly, to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if she got some buzz in the role if Star Wars ever needed her to appear again in the timeline.

Chris pratt han solo

With Star Wars coming out with so many new shows and working back through previous timelines and story arcs, we are likely going to see more of the most famous characters needing different actors or actresses in the roles. There have already been rumors of such, made even more palatable because Marvel and Disney are interconnected and ripe for talent-sharing. Could we see Chris Pratt one day enter Star Wars in some respect? It’s not out of the question and this deepfake video only lends credence to the idea that he could pull it off. 

Chris pratt han solo

This is all putting the cart before the horse though. Chris Pratt has plenty of adventures on the way with Thor: Love and Thunder in pre-production and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 slated to hit screens in 2022. So we’ll get more of Pratt in space, just not as Han Solo quite yet.

This is the way.

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