See Chris Pratt Eating A Bug To Celebrate His Birthday

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

chris pratt

Chris Pratt has been able to pull off quite a few acting feats on the big screen. Galavanting through space, training dinosaurs, and recently going through time to battle the aliens, the dude’s acting resume lends itself to a lack of fear. And maybe he’s got that going in his personal life as well. Recently, we got a (ahem) taste of what he’s into when a video of the actor was posted that showed him eating a bug just for the hell of it. 

The video of Chris Pratt was on director James Gunn’s Instagram feed and was meant to wish the former a happy birthday. Gunn says in the post that Pratt had come over to this house and just randomly ate a bug for really no reason at all. Check out the short video of Pratt eating a crane fly or mosquito eater. He chows down on the insect, grinding it up and baring his teeth just for good measure. 

It’s not totally clear when James Gunn took this video of Chris Pratt though the two have worked together plenty so it could have happened really any time over the last handful of years. They first collaborated on 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the first time either worked in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The surprise hit that took a relatively unknown group of space cowboys and put them almost front and center in the MCU was a turning point for both of their careers. The third, and likely final, movie in the franchise is currently in pre-production with a 2023 timeline. It’s unclear if Chris Pratt will stick with Marvel afterward, but that next movie could be an event. 

In the meantime, when he’s not chowing down on bugs, Chris Pratt is plenty busy these days. His next film is set to hit on July 2nd after facing pandemic-related delays in production. The Tomorrow War will combine some alien fighting with time travel in what could be a massive flick. Pratt plays Dan Forester, one of a group of soldier who’ve been called on throughout time to fast forward to a conflict in the future with an alien race. Amazon purchased the rights to the film and it will be released on Prime next month. 

But that’s not all for Chris Pratt. he’s also planning a return to the Jurassic World franchise next year. The third film in the reboot of that story has the world facing a new kind of crisis, one in which dinosaurs are just roaming freely on Earth. After the events of Fallen Kingdom, these buggers have broke containment and now the fight is on a much bigger scale. 

chris pratt

And before he returns to Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt will get back into the Star-Lord get up in Thor: Love and Thunder. That ensemble film could bring the same level of comedy and action we saw in Ragnarok and should pick up with the group following the events of Avengers: Endgame. That’s when we saw Star-Lord and Thor passive-aggressively vying for control of the ship. It should be an awesome time. 

For anyone worried if Chris Pratt shouldn’t have eaten the crane fly, fret not. They are completely harmless, even to mosquitoes. So no worries there.