Will Chris Pine Return In Wonder Woman 3 As Steve Trevor?

Will Chris Pine actually show up in Wonder Woman 3?

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Chris Pine has made an indelible impression on fans as Steve Trevor, the flyboy romantic interest of Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman. In both Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, he was a source of charm, humor, and heart. After the events of Wonder Woman 1984, many fans are wondering if we will ever see Steve Trevor pop up again in the DC cinematic universe. Could a return be at all possible or have we seen the last of Chris Pine in the Wonder Woman franchise?


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After sacrificing himself to save the world in Wonder Woman, Chris Pine is brought back to life in Wonder Woman 1984 through the magical machinations of a wish-granting stone. Diana and Steve get to have one more adventure together before realizing that the stone is akin to a monkey’s paw: it grants your wish but takes away something you value in the process. In this instance, it meant that Diana began to lose her powers as long as Steve remained on Earth. Seeing this was the cost, Steve told Diana to renounce her wish so that she could regain her abilities and save the world.

Because of this, it seems like Chris Pine has said his final goodbye with the Wonder Woman franchise. He already died in the first film and his resurrection was such a huge part of Wonder Woman 1984 that bringing him back again would feel pretty cheap. As far as having Steve Trevor be revived once again, that seems totally out of the question. However, that does not mean that Wonder Woman 1984 will be the last we see of the character.


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Even though Chris Pine looks to be done as a regular cast member in the Wonder Woman franchise, it does not mean that we have seen the last of Steve Trevor. From what we know about Wonder Woman 3, the third installment in the franchise will take place in a modern-day setting. But, we do not know anything else about the film’s plot as of now. And, it is unclear exactly what the structure of the film will be.

This leaves the door open for Chris Pine to return as Steve Trevor through the use of flashbacks. While it is very likely he would not be in Wonder Woman 3 as a starring character, the possibility of a cameo appearance or a slightly significant supporting role is not something we should rule out. Diana could easily remember an important moment with Steve that will play a crucial role in the present-day setting of Wonder Woman 3.

Why do we make this assumption about Chris Pine? Because Wonder Woman 1984 did exactly that. The opening of the film is a flashback to Diana’s childhood on Themyscira. We see her competing in an Amazonian gauntlet that eventually ties into the larger message and arc of the movie. Although Steve Trevor is assuredly gone for good in the regular timeline of events, it is very possible that Wonder Woman 3 could use a scene or two from Diana’s past that includes Steve Trevor. It would be a great way to see the actor one more time as the character, and it could end up being a resonant part of the film’s overarching story and theme.

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We certainly hope that we will get to see Chris Pine as Steve Trevor one last time. The character has been a big part of the heart that has been so welcome in the Wonder Woman films. If we truly have seen the last of him, it was a strong note to go out on. Still, we are keeping our fingers crossed that a flashback cameo could be in the works for Wonder Woman 3. It would be a nice treat to fans of the franchise and would let us get to spend a little more time with the charming Steve Trevor.