Chris Noth Being Canceled After Sexual Assault Allegations

By Tyler Pisapia | 1 month ago

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Former Sex and the City and And Just Like That… actor Chris Noth is facing immense public scrutiny after being the subject of multiple sexual assault allegations. Chris Noth has officially lost his representation at A3 Artists Agency, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The decision after a report from the outlet that told the story of two women who came forward individually to detail encounters with the actor. This all comes in the wake of his renewed popularity from reprising his role on the Sex and the City spinoff and the subsequent viral Peloton ad that came from it. 

The outlet previously reported that one of Chris Noth’s accusers claims he assaulted her in Los Angeles in 2004. She says that he invited her and a friend to the pool in a building where he had an apartment. When she went to his unit to return a book, she claims the actor pulled her inside and raped her. In 2015, another accuser says something similar happened in New York City when they went out for drinks. Both women were in their 20s and Noth was in his 40s and then 60s. For the second alleged encounter, he was married. 

Since the allegations broke, The Daily Beast reports that a third accuser has come forward. She accuses Chris Noth of arranging an unwanted encounter in the restaurant where she was working. However, she was able to escape his advances without an assault taking place. While Chris Noth has admitted to extramarital sexual encounters, he maintains that each one was consensual. 

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Still, losing his management isn’t the only consequence that Chris Noth is facing. After his longtime recurring Sex and the City character reprised his role in the HBO Max spinoff And Just Like That… fans were shocked to see that he wasn’t going to be around long. After a particularly stressful workout on a Peloton, Chris Noth’s character, Mr. Big, dies of a heart attack, forcing Carrie Bradshaw to navigate life as a single widower in her mid-life years. 

In the wake of the now-infamous TV moment, viewers were slamming Peloton for being the organization that killed off Mr. Big. In a nimble act of marketing, Chris Noth, Peloton and Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort agency got together and quickly came out with an advertisement for Peloton that espoused the virtues of the cardiovascular exercise that machine offers. The ad went viral and seemingly saved the workout brand’s reputation. 

However, in the wake of the myriad of allegations against Chris Noth, the ad has been pulled and is no longer running anywhere. This proves, once again, that when credible allegations of sexual assault come out against a prominent figure, consequences soon follow that directly impact both their reputation and wallet. 

It’s worth noting, however, that although Chris Noth is losing representation and sponsorships, Deadline reports that he is not currently under any kind of criminal investigation stemming from the allegations by the three women. However, that doesn’t mean that the door isn’t open for an investigation and potential charges to come up in the future.