Chris Hemsworth Proves It’s Still Worth Getting Excited About Marvel In Thor: Love And Thunder’s Epic Trailer

Chris Hemsworth speaks about peace and love in the brand-new and epic trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, which offers up plenty of surprises.

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It has honestly been quite some time since we have seen Chris Hemsworth take on the role of Thor. Around three years to be exact. Now we get to see the man return alongside some familiar faces in the brand-new Thor: Love and Thunder teaser trailer. This trailer is so excitable in the best ways possible. We last saw the God of Thunder taking off alongside his new pals in the Guardians of the Galaxy, in the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame. Now it appears as if he is thrust right into becoming one of the crew. You can see the new teaser below:

There is so much to unpack in this trailer. On top of the narration, we get from Chris Hemsworth as Thor, he speaks about peace in a very fitting way. It seems as if Thor is tired of fighting, and now wants to go about his life in peace. The beginning montage is that of Thor running as he gets older. Now he is older and weary from battle. He seems to bury his go-to weapon, the Oathbreaker ax, in a ceremonial way of letting go of battle. There is also another montage of Fat Thor working off his pounds. We are honestly going to miss that character choice. Another quick image is that of Zeus. For those who have not heard yet, Russel Crowe is set to play that god, and we get a first look at how he is costumed.

Chris Hemsworth Thor and Oathbreaker

On top of seeing the new-look peaceful Thor, we also get to see his best friend, Korg. Korg became a fan-favorite character from Thor: Ragnarok, and he is voiced by the famed director of both new Thor entries, Taika Waititi. Another huge element seems to be the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting alongside Thor (Chris Hemsworth). Mainly we get most of what appears to be Star-Lord rolling his eyes at Thor trying to look like a Ravager. We do get a shot of the rest of the Guardians standing behind Thor as he attempts to connect with Star-Lord in a hilarious moment. Some quippy dialogue between Peter Quill and Thor sends the trailer into the final climactic moment, which is amazing. While it has been heavily rumored that Natalie Portman would finally be taking over as the Jane Foster version of Thor, she gets her time to shine. This teaser trailer drops the hammer, literally, on all of us. Mjolnir flies to someone’s hand in the dark, while Thor looks on in shock. It’s none other than Portman gripping the hammer and looking so epic.

Natalie Portman Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder will be blasting its way into theaters on July 8th, and this trailer proves that we can all still be excited about Marvel films. Chris Hemsworth has yet to give up his time as the God of Thunder, and the same goes for Chris Pratt as Star-Lord. While Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are gone, it seems Hemsworth could be following suit soon, especially if Natalie Portman is set to take over things for a bit. Whatever the case is, this film cannot come any sooner.

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