See Chris Hemsworth Become Thor In Ridiculous New Training Montage

Chris Hemsworth has shared BTS footage of himself getting into Thor shape.

By Ross Tyson | Published

Chris Hemsworth took everyone by surprise when he appeared as a more rotund version of Thor in Avengers: Endgame, but the transformation was gone like lightning in the next film. With a training montage to make Rocky jealous, the God of Thunder shed the pounds in just under a minute of screen time. Now, Chris Hemsworth has shared behind-the-scenes footage of the training.

Performing a routine that can’t really be described as dancing, but doesn’t really meet the criteria for fighting either, Chris Hemsworth jumped around in his prosthetics as Thor on his weight loss journey. According to his Instagram caption, the dance was inspired by both martial arts and ’80s action stars. Though reminiscent of Cobra Kai if the dojo was run by a Pilates instructor at a dying mall, the dance certainly evoked what he was going for.

While Chris Hemsworth has been quiet so far as to Thor’s involvement with the upcoming Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, it’s doubtful that the God of Thunder will sit out a battle of that magnitude. Spoilers ahead!

Now, with more to fight for than ever after becoming the adoptive father of Love at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder. So what could get Thor back into the battle?

Considering that he’s an Asgardian god, not a whole lot. Chris Hemsworth has played it up time and time again, showing just how much Thor loves to fight. Even more, he likes to fight against the odds, going up against opponents that he knows will give him a good run for his money. Already suffering multiple beat-downs at the hands of Thanos and others throughout the years, Thor hasn’t found a villain yet that he couldn’t overcome. 

All of this to say, the new threats appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are far from anything he’s fought before. The most obvious throwdown would be between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Jonathan Majors’ Kang, the Multiversal threat. Why stop there though?  Thor could match up against any sort of threat at this point, whether it be in his own reality or a multiverse, Secret Wars could see the God fighting anyone, even former friends.

While it received mixed reviews, Thor: Love and Thunder gave a new direction to Chris Hemsworth and Thor both, exploring the grief and emptiness Thor deals with after the threats of Endgame have passed. This seems to be the theme of Phase Four so far, as audiences have followed heroes like Wanda Maximoff and Marc Spector dealing with their respective traumas in recent projects. With the cast listing still murky, there’s a big possibility we could see everyone get together for a good group therapy session (possibly at the Abomination’s Yurt).

No matter what’s on the horizon for Chris Hemsworth and Thor, fans can be sure he isn’t going away any time soon. The actor is currently finishing up Extraction 2 for Netflix before moving into his work on other films such as Furiosa and Secret Wars. Only time will tell where these next adventures will take him, but where lightning goes, thunder is sure to follow.