Chris Hemsworth Reveals Thor’s New Love And Thunder Hairstyle

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

Thor Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is gearing back up for another run at Thor and one thing we know about the character is that, in the past, he hasn’t been afraid of a little change. Sometimes it’s been about his overall look. Sometimes he’s let himself go just a little bit. There’s been uniform changes and even swapping out of a weapon or two. This is a character who has definitely seen different iterations over the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

With Thor: Love and Thunder we are set for another story that could bring in a lot of Marvel characters as well as recall back to some folks from the franchise in the past. And with it, there will be some anticipation around what Chris Hemsworth will look like in the new movie. After all, last we saw him he was long-haired, long-bearded, and still carrying some of that fat-Thor midsection. It was at the end of Avengers: Endgame when he hopped in the ship with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew and started the male-machismo infighting about who would be in charge of that crew. Well, via the actor’s Instagram account, we are getting a sense of where Thor will be, stylistically, in this upcoming movie. Check it out: 

It looks like Chris Hemsworth is getting back to the longer Thor hair we’ve seen in the past. In the Instagram video, he’s sparring with one of his sons, either Sasha or Tristan. The reason I say, “one of” is that he has twins and in the post, the actor doesn’t make the distinction about who is the younger Thor version. Regardless, we can see that dad is back to the longer-haired version of the character for this new movie and we are getting a little old-school Thor for the next film. 

So it looks like we are returning to a rejuvenated and definitely in shape version of Chris Hemsworth and Thor for this next movie. Whatever physical version we get of the character, the flick is shaping up to be an event. The titular character returns with some old friends coming along for the ride as well. Tessa Thompson will be back as Valkyrie and Natalie Portman is reprising her Jane Foster character as well after being out of the mix for quite some time now. And the (As)Guardians of the Galaxy will, of course, be there as well considering that’s where we last left the group altogether. Plus Christian Bale will join the proceedings as the ominous Gorr the God Butcher and there’s even going to be a Russell Crowe sighting. 


In addition to Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth is also set to play the character in the new Disney+ What If…? series. It will play on those popular comic book offshoots that posed alternate timelines for different characters. It’s part of Marvel’s Phase Four, but will likely sit on its own considering the nature of the story arcs. In all, it’s good to see a return to the original Thor look and physique. It does make it appear his life is going well within the universe after a little bit of ennui last time around.