Chris Hemsworth Returned As Thor In A Secret Appearance

Chris Hemsworth made a secret appearance as Thor recently, just another example of Marvel's commitment to its characters.

By Dylan Balde | Published

chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth revisited the Marvel Cinematic Universe last Wednesday in his first role back since Avengers: Endgame and nobody sensed a thing — not his hammer, or his Asgardian helmet, or that familiar ripple reverberating across the multiverse. Or in this case, the inside of a glass bottle.

In a Zoom interview with Tatiana King Jones and DJ Ben Hameen of For All Nerds, series director Kate Herron revealed the Extraction star voiced Throg, or Frog Thor, in episode five of Loki. Herron guested on their MCU-only podcast Views from the 616 on Tuesday to discuss the various Easter eggs in “Journey into Mystery,” which featured several Variants (or in some shots, remnants of their belongings) of known Marvel characters. Turns out the Frog of Thunder’s scream into — pardon the pun — the Void is Chris Hemsworth himself, and it wasn’t a recycled bit either; the 37-year-old returned to the sound stages at Trilith Studios just to record what ended up being no more than a three-second clip. Talk about commitment.

The podcast’s official Twitter account shared a snippet of the Chris Hemsworth segment online. Check it out below:

Throg, classified by the Time Variance Authority as Variant T365, is one of Thor Odinson’s many alternate-reality equivalents. This Thor was transfigured by Loki into a green-skinned frog, but unlike Chris Hemsworth’s Prime Thor, was never shapeshifted back. The God of Thunder stayed in this form long enough to become Frog Thor. He was captured by the TVA before he could assume his original body and was pruned and sent to the Void, a garbage dump for unwanted Variants, while stuck in a glass bottle. His Mjølnir is sitting right across from him in the dirt, several feet below the ground. Forever trapped in three vessels — the frog, the bottle, and the soil — Throg has been trying to smash through glass, screaming for all he’s worth, since the dawn of time. He’s probably not traveling realms, or escaping, anytime soon.

But who knows? Fans are expecting a balls-to-the-wall ending to season one involving Throg arriving just in time to save the day, which means more Chris Hemsworth for us. There is a deleted scene of Loki battling Throg, so we’re betting on extra content coming up. Chris Hemsworth’s first in-person appearance since Endgame will be as our Thor, in Thor: Love and Thunder next year.

Chris Hemsworth’s Throg was entirely Herron’s doing — apparently, each crew member contributed a Variant to episode five of Loki — but eagle-eyed fans of the comics might remember a frog Thor in issue #365 of Walt Simonson’s 1986 Thor run, entitled “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, or It’s Not Easy Being Green.” Loki had transformed his adoptive brother into a frog, but he was no ordinary amphibian; he allied with other frogs and launched a small-scale war against the rats. He enlisted the assistance of the nearby alligators, culminating in Thor lifting his hammer and becoming Thunder Frog.

It would be intriguing if Throg actually hails from this comic universe, further tying the MCU to the source material, and even more amusing if Crocodile Loki turns out to be his nemesis from the same timeline. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston recording lines together as their animal counterparts would be an absolutely hilarious MasterClass in voice acting. Loki is currently streaming on Disney+ and airs a new episode every Wednesday.