Chris Hemsworth To Star In Gladiator 2?

Chris Hemsworth is allegedly taking a shot at Gladiator 2.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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No one gets to be as successful as Chris Hemsworth without pursuing every exciting opportunity presented in front of them. At the moment, Hemsworth is filming Thor: Love and Thunder with actress Natalie Portman and director Taika Waititi in Australia. To add to the fun, it was recently confirmed that Russell Crowe has a part in the movie. Marvel didn’t want us to know this, of course. The studio loves its secrets. But after the cast and crew were spotted hanging out with Crowe several times, the studio was forced to confirm that Russell Crowe is in the upcoming flick.

Chris Hemsworth has definitely recognized an opportunity while sitting across the table from Russell Crowe and the actor is shooting his shot. Hemsworth is suggesting to Crowe that the pair co-produce a sequel to one of Crowe’s most well-known movies, Gladiator. According to sources for New Idea, the pair have formed a “binding bromance”. Sources have also told the outlet that Russell Crowe feels Hemsworth could realistically play Crowe’s son in a movie.

The idea wasn’t initially Chris Hemsworth’s. His wife, Elsa Pataky, was responsible for the original suggestion. However, Hemsworth has been running with it.

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After all these years, would Russell Crowe be likely to move forward on a Gladiator sequel with Chris Hemsworth? The movie originally came out in the year 2000. Crowe worked closely with director Ridley Scott on the classic action-adventure story. In fact, much of the script was written while they were actively filming the movie. Crowe wasn’t just an actor on that project. He played a major role in making the movie happen. It paid off for Crowe. Among the many Oscars for Gladiator was Russell Crowe’s Best Actor win. Would he be up for revisiting the story? Does Chris Hemsworth have a shot at making this happen?

Another big question here is whether Ridley Scott would come back on board for a Gladiator sequel. We know that the infamous director is still working. And he’s done other projects with Russell Crowe, so it can be assumed the pair still have a strong bond. If Chris Hemsworth can get Crowe on board, can Crowe get Ridley Scott? A sequel may not be the same unless both the starring actor and director are on board and working together again.

Since the idea of Chris Hemsworth as Russell Crowe’s son has already been brought up, it can be assumed that a story for the sequel would have Hemsworth as Crowe’s son. It would be interesting to hear what else the pair have discussed for the storyline. Since Russell Crowe was so involved in the development of the first movie, it would make sense that those conversations are already happening with Hemsworth now, even if it’s just speculative talk over a couple of beers.

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Even if a Gladiator sequel doesn’t happen, it sounds like Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe are getting along very well on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder. If Gladiator doesn’t happen, this may still mean the pair sign on for future projects together. Maybe this will mean more Marvel movies for Crowe, or Robin Hood sequels for Hemsworth. We’ll have to wait and see what his wife imagines for the pair next.