See Chris Hemsworth As The Star Of Gladiator 2

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

chris hemsworth hulk hogan

Chris Hemsworth has been playing a warrior for more than a decade now, he of the Asgardian variety with all the power, weapons, and god-like attributes of the station. So it’s easy to think of him in that light of being muscular, and well, shirtless and powerful. Sure, Thor trends more Germanic than Roman but are we really splitting hairs when it comes to those ancient fighters? So it isn’t all that much of a stretch to think of Hemsworth getting into a similar get-up. It’s been rumored that he’d been considering a Gladiator sequel and now we have a chance to see what something like that would look like. Thanks to YouTuber Stryker HD, we have a concept trailer for Gladiator 2 with Chris Hemsworth in the lead. 

This trailer is taken using scenes from the original Gladiator film and uses deep fake technology to put Chris Hemsworth in the Russell Crowe role of Maximus Decimus Meridius. To say he looks the part is an understatement. Hemsworth practically pops off the screen in this role. And fittingly, Tom Hiddleston is along for the ride as well, being superimposed into the action in place of Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus. Check out this mash-up for a possible Gladiator 2:

Again, this video mostly just walks us through the scenes of the movie we love with this epic film, one of the very best to come out in the last couple of decades. Maybe because we’ve seen Chris Hemsworth in action like this before, or maybe he just cuts the part really well, but a Gladiator follow-up should get people excited if they could ever get something like this off the ground. 

And it isn’t out of nowhere that people are dreaming of Chris Hemsworth getting in on the Gladiator action. It wasn’t pulled out of thin air. Apparently, Hemsworth and Russell Crowe had bonded while filming Thor: Love and Thunder to the point that Hemsworth’s wife had suggested the possibility of teaming up for a sequel. In this one, Crowe would play Hemsworth’s father in the follow-up story. 

chris hemsworth

Whether this idea for a Gladiator sequel has progressed past anything but the “Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe are talking about it over beers” stage isn’t known. It’s likely that it hasn’t gone any further considering production of this size would need significant buy-in. But it’s hard to argue with the original’s success considering the $460 million it earned at the box office while also winning for Best Picture and Best Actor (Crowe) at the Academy Awards back in 2000. 

We might never get Chris Hemsworth on the big screen as Maximus’s son, but there’s plenty to catch him in coming down the pike. He’s of course getting back into the aforementioned Thor: Love and Thunder story which is part of Marvel’s Phase Four. And he’s set to star in Furiosa as well. Don’t forget the upcoming Hulk Hogan biopic either where he’ll show off his wrestling ring skills as the iconic Hogan. And there’s even word of an Extraction 2. So plenty of Hemsworth to come, and maybe even a trip back to Ancient Rome as well.