See Chris Evans Dress His Dog Up As Himself

Chris Evans has a spectacular relationship with his dog, Dodger. Their relationship is so tight that Evans has begun to dress his dog in similar clothes.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Who doesn’t love dogs? Also, who doesn’t love dogs in human clothes? Well, Chris Evans decided to give the world the best of both those worlds, as he posted a picture of his pup in some human clothes on Instagram. What makes this image that much better, is that his dog is wearing a shirt that Evans also wore on the set of The Gray Man. He claims that the costume department accidentally shrunk one of the shirts that his character Lloyd wears in the film, so he held onto it for one reason. That reason was to have his dog Dodger, wear the shirt. You can see the image below:

The cute images of Dodger in the Lloyd shirt are enough to make anyone say, “aww.” Chris Evans is constantly posting pictures of his pooch on his Instagram page, and we can’t get enough of it. Their relationship with one another is so heartwarming and seeing Dodger in the same outfit as his dad is equally hilarious and adorable. For those who have not yet seen The Gray Man, you can see the now famous shirt below:

We are not entirely sure what the public thinks about who wore it better, but both Dodger and Chris Evans look great. We would have to vote Dodger on this one, as he is not sporting the menacing facial expression like his father is. This is not the first time that Evans had taken to presenting his dog with a similar costume from his films, and we certainly hope it is not the last time either. Even more so, we hope that Evans plans on bringing Dodger into his films at one point. They would make the most excellent pair on screen.

The Gray Man is currently streaming on Netflix, and the film sees Chris Evans take on the villain and arch enemy role opposite Ryan Gosling. Both men play spy operatives, with Evans taking on the more psychotic role as he is tasked with Gosling, who is being hunted after a mission goes badly. Gosling is also aided by another operative that is played by the vivacious Ana de Armas. The film was a hit on the streaming platform, leaving Gosling to reveal that a spinoff and sequel are currently in the works. The Russo Brothers of Avengers: Endgame notoriety, among other films, are set to return for The Gray Man 2. Gosling is also on the hook for the sequel film. However, Gosling is likely not sharing his own costumes with his dog. He should.

Chris Evans is moving on from The Gray Man into reuniting with Ana de Armas in a romantic comedy called Ghosted. The film is slated for a 2023 release. Hopefully, that is the film that will see Dodger make his acting debut. If that doesn’t happen, then at least Evans could bring his pup some more matching outfits for the world to enjoy on his social media pages. His dog is clearly a star, as nearly 2 million people have liked Dodger cosplaying as Lloyd. We like it too.