Chris Evans Returning As Captain America To Fight Another Marvel Hero?

Chris Evans could be coming back to Marvel in an exciting way.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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Marvel Studios’ latest strategy seems to be aimed at generating more content on a smaller scale. Phase Four began with the series WandaVision which premiered in January. This was followed by Anthony Mackie taking up the Captain America mantel from Chris Evans in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And the God of Mischief has fans enthralled in Loki, which airs its sixth episode tomorrow.

Now it seems like Marvel has plans for their current line-up of heroes to take on alternate versions of the Avengers. According to Geekosity, is currently working on a Secret Wars series in which Chris Evans could portray Captain HYDRA – an evil variant of the original Cap we all know and love. And the thought is that he would do battle with Anthony Mackie’s Captain America.

Secret Wars is a Marvel Super Heroes limited comic book series that was published between 1984 and 1985. The story sees a cosmic entity called the Beyonder teleport various superheroes and villains to a planet called Battleworld, ordering them all to kill their enemies to obtain their dreams. The series features a wide range of characters including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, three members of the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men.

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While nothing is officially confirmed yet, the Russo brothers talked about how much they’d love to bring such a large-scale story to life, promising that it would be even more massive than the Infinity Saga. In an interview with the Bro-Bible in 2020, Joe Russo spoke about what drew him to the Secret Wars story…

“You know, I read that when I was 10 or 11, and it was the scale of getting all of the heroes together. It was one of the first major books to do that. That was really event-storytelling to me at its finest. And what happens when you put all of those personalities together.”

The famed director added that he (and his brother Anthony) liked the idea of villains having to team up with heroes. It’s the complicated relationships between heroes and villains that attract them to these stories – especially villains who believe they’re heroes in their own narrative. And all of that is sort of built into the notion of Secret Wars, a project that could convince Chris Evans to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Anthony Russo shared his enthusiasm over the possible project too, saying that it would be the biggest movie one could imagine because the ambition of it is even bigger than the ambition of the Infinity Saga. While the filmmakers have expressed their interest in the story on several occasions, they’ve also said they intend on making smaller films, before getting back into the realm of massive blockbusters. The Russo brothers recently wrapped production on Netflix spy thriller The Gray Man starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling.

But ever since Loki teased a multiversal war, fans are convinced that Battleworld and the Beyonder are not far away. As explained by Miss Minutes in the series premiere, the Time Keepers created the TVA and the Sacred Timeline following this war which almost destroyed everything in existence. The conflict saw “countless” different realities battling for dominance over the others until the Time Keepers ultimately stepped in and reorganized the multiverse into one single timeline. This means Anthony Mackie’s canonical Captain America could end up facing off against Chris Evans’ Hydra-version of Cap in Secret Wars. Whether anything comes of it remains to be seen.

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