Chloe Bennet Joining Star Wars In A Major Role?

Chloe Bennet is a star on the rise and is about to star in a superhero series. But she's also being considered for a Star Wars role too.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Chloe Bennet is a star on the rise right now, being linked with a number of different high-profile projects and also about to start a role in an upcoming superhero series. She’s already been down this road before and completely made it work so it’s not a surprise that she’d be sought after for new projects. And one of those could land her in the Star Wars universe. We Got This Covered has it that Bennet is being considered to play Doctor Aphra in an upcoming series. This would be a new, but very cool direction for the actress who is tied to a lot of different rumors right now. 

This latest bit of news for Chloe Bennet could land her in the Disney+ arm of the Star Wars franchise as a character many fans know but hasn’t yet had a live-action version to date. Doctor Aphra is short for Chelli Lona Aphra who exists during the Darth Vader timeline of the Star Wars universe. She’s an archeologist who specializes in hunting down and finding Jedi artifacts and starts out in the employ of Vader. But the two eventually have a falling out and he tries to have her killed. She has a rather involved story that’s played out in the comic books but has yet to be brought to the screen. It would be an awesome role for Bennet. 

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This is nothing more than a rumor for Chloe Bennet at this point but does point to the continued growth of the Star Wars universe and the mining of new characters from the printed pages. Bennet would be fantastic in the role and it’s easy to see why she’d be among the frontrunners for the part. The character’s story would play out best in series form considering her adventures have been tied to a number of different popular characters and the search for Jedi relics has her cross paths with other folks along the way. 

For Chloe Bennet, the most recent rumors around casting hadn’t been for LucasFilm and the Star Wars folks but rather across the lot over at Marvel. She played Daisy Johnson on the ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for seven seasons and eventually took on the transformation to superhero Quake. It was thought that she would bring this character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe considering the show existed outside those bounds originally. But that hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

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In the meantime, she’s got other superhero-ing to do. Chloe Bennet is set to play Blossom in the upcoming live-action version of Powerpuff based on the cartoon Powerpuff Girls. The show plans to pick up with the characters years after the events of the cartoon when the tole of having been kinder-heroes has taken something of a toll on the group. It’s set to be part of the Arrowverse and will have a darker appeal than the original cartoon, meant to bring on an older generation of viewers. 

Whether Chloe Bennet ultimately joins the Star Wars universe remains to be seen, her card is full at the moment. But the Doctor Aphra character would be a cool one to tackle.