Chloe Bennet Still Returning As Quake, Despite Powerpuff Girls

By Drew Dietsch | 2 months ago

chloe bennet

Chloe Bennet was recently announced as one of the lead actresses in the new CW live-action version of The Powerpuff Girls. This has led many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans to start worrying about her return as Quake. We have exclusively reported that Quake is being considered to join the cast of the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion, and this new casting announcement would seem to throw a wrench into those plans. Well, it turns out that is not the case at all.

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has learned that Chloe Bennet is still in the mix to return as Quake in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are a couple of reasons he has to back this up. First of all, the Disney+ Marvel shows are basically limited series that are produced like a feature film. They don’t have the same rigorous and time-consuming schedule as network television shows like The Powerpuff Girls will be. There is also the fact that there does not appear to be an exclusivity clause in her contract with the CW for this new show.

Another factor that will keep Chloe Bennet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that The Powerpuff Girls has yet to get a series order. As of now, the only plan is to film a pilot for the series. While there is very likely a part of Bennet’s contract that accounts for a potential series order, the show has not gotten the greenlight to become a full-fledged series. With only the pilot on her schedule for the foreseeable future, she will still have a lot of her schedule open for her eventual return as Quake in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With no news about a series order announced, it is very likely that Chloe Bennet will film the pilot and then go off to film her role in Secret Invasion.

chloe bennet

If The Powerpuff Girls does end up getting picked up for a full series, that could certainly affect Chloe Bennet’s availability for further Marvel Cinematic Universe projects in the distant future. It all depends on how much Quake will be utilized in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will she be a major player after the events of Secret Invasion? How much do they want her to be a prime character in this next leg of Marvel stories? If it’s a lot, then they will definitely need to coordinate with whatever her filming schedule would be for The Powerpuff Girls. Still, if those are the two major projects she is bouncing between, it would still be manageable.

This will give Chloe Bennet the distinction of playing a superhero in both Marvel and a DC-adjacent property; The Powerpuff Girls is owned by WarnerMedia which is also the entity that owns DC. And The Powerpuff Girls is being produced by Greg Berlanti, the overseer for the Arrowverse over on The CW. That is quite a badge of honor for Chloe Bennet to wear and one that could help distinguish her in the realm of superhero cinema.