A Killer Charlize Theron Action Movie Just Became Free To Stream

By Apeksha Bagchi | 2 months ago

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Throughout her illustrious career, Charlize Theron has been in countless stellar films and no matter what their box office reception was, they are all favorites of her fans, especially her action films. She has a reputation for not getting scared of doing her own stunts, no matter how dangerous they are and an example of it can be seen in her 2005 released film Aeon Flux which is just a big buffet of Charlize Theron in action. Wondering why we are suddenly talking about this particular film? Well, this kickass action movie is now available to stream for free on Youtube!

You can watch Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux right here:

Aeon Flux, directed by Karyn Kusama better know for her films like Girlfight and the cult horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body, depicts the story of Earth 404 years after the year 2011 when a deadly virus killed 96% of the population, driving the survivors to seek quarantine and build their own safe haven. Now centuries later, in the year 2415, the survivors live in a dystopian futuristic state called Bregna, the only safe sanctuary in an otherwise destroyed Earth. But not everything is as heavenly as it is projected as people from the meager population keep disappearing and the rest continue to have troubling dreams. 

This is where Charlize Theron’s skilled warrior, Aeon Flux comes into the picture. She is part of a secret rebel organization, the Monicans, who are standing up against the oppressive nature of their idyllic habitat. One day, when her sister is mistaken as a Monican and killed by some government goons, Aeon is sent to kill the government’s leader Trevor Goodchild. But upon meeting him she discovers that she already knows him and he recognizes her. The startling discovery disorients her and the guards manage to restrain her. 

But that’s not the only discovery Aeon makes as she finds that since centuries no one Bregna had procreated- everyone is their own clone as the antidote to the virus (that destroyed Earth’s population) rendered them infertile. That’s the cause of the nightmares as everyone has partial memories of their past lives. Aeon herself is the first clone of Trevor’s dead wife Katherine. For years Trevor has been researching to reverse the infertility aspect and even succeeded but his power-hungry brother, Oren, got every subject of his experiment killed. No one is on Aeon’s side- not her fellow Monicans and certainly not Oren- but with a display of the stellar Charlize Theron action, she breaks free and goes on the mission to single-handedly dismantle the conspiracies. 

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Now whether she manages to do so is for you to find out by streaming the film for free on Youtube. And in case you have already seen this film, there is no harm in binging on this extra dose of Charlize Theron, that too doing impossible stunts with a grace only a few are blessed with. Talking about stunts, did you know that while filming Aeon Flux 2004, Charlize Theron had to be hospitalized because she sustained a serious neck injury while doing one of the stunts?

If we go by the film’s box office performance, Aeon Flux failed to bring in the profit it needed to be labeled a success. It holds a 9% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes where the general consensus is that despite its star cast and flashy action the film is “largely a dull affair.” But the burden of the film’s failure is not on Charlize Theron or the film’s director as Kusama had a very different vision for the film and how she wanted the actress to play her part. But once she was done filming, Paramount Pictures took the film away from her and heavily re-edited it to make it more flashy and have less substance.

But after she was removed from the film, Kusama could only watch as the film was dismantled and stripped of its supposed title of being an “art film” as the studio had the opinion that such a film won’t do at the box office. They questioned every aspect of the film. Everything was either too emotional or as Kusama shared in a chat with Buzzfeed, too “female.” So, major parts of the storyline that afforded the story and characters like that of Charlize Theron the depth they needed to actually matter and not just be there for meaningless action were all removed. Like every major studio out there, Paramount also reportedly removed the part about the sexuality of a gay supporting character. 

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But even though the end result was a film that crashed and burned at the box office, fans of Charlize Theron will always see it as an underrated sci-fi action flick. Even today, when the best action movies starring Charlize Theron are listed, Aeon Flux occupies the top spots because of the actress displaying some of the finest martial arts combat moves.