Charlie Sheen Making A New Version Of Entourage

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

charlie sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen is set to make a new version of the hit HBO show Entourage. Teaming up with Entourage creator Doug Ellin, the pair are making a new show called Ramble On, which will center on Hollywood figures looking to remake their careers and images. Billed as a dramedy, Ramble On will presumably mine much of the same show business chaos as Ellin’s previous show did. But while Entourage was concerned with Vinnie Chase, Eric, Johnny Drama, and, of course, Turtle, relentlessly rising up the ranks of Hollywood to sit at the top of the food chain (whether it be James Cameron blockbusters or a tequila company), it sounds like this new show will be about the second act of careers. If that is the case, Charlie Sheen was definitely the right star to cast. 

In Ramble On, Charlie Sheen will be portraying himself (or presumably, a fictionalized, heightened version of himself, which is wild to consider) and will be joined by a large and talented ensemble cast. Reportedly, Emmanuelle Chriqui (who played Sloan on Entourage) will make an appearance on the show. As might be expected, Sheen’s father, legendary Apocalypse Now and Grace & Frankie star Martin Sheen, will be showing up, although there is no word as of yet if Charlie’s brother, The Mighty Ducks once and future Gordon Bombay Emilio Estevez will also be appearing. Entourage stars Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillion will co-star with Charlie Sheen, presumably also playing versions of themselves. The rest of the announced cast will include Scrubs’ star John C. McGinley, The Sopranos’ Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, What We Do in The Shadows’ Harvey Guillén, Kimiko Glenn, Bre-Z, Zulay Henao, James Hiroyuki Liao, Mikaela Hoover, Ana Ortiz, Sara Sanderson, and Adam Waheed.

Charlie Sheen

This will be Charlie Sheen’s first starring role in television since the FX show Anger Management ended in 2014. It was based on Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson’s movie of the same name, and reportedly had issues in production based on Sheen’s erratic behavior. That is not particularly surprising, as unpredictable behavior has tended to be a predictable part of the Charlie Sheen brand. After starring on the CBS show Two and a Half Men and becoming the highest-paid actor on television, Sheen had a highly publicized falling out with show creator Chuck Lorre. That eventually resulted in Sheen’s acrimonious firing, being replaced by Ashton Kutcher as a new character for the remainder of the hit show. Sheen then went on to have a bizarre public meltdown, which the actor has since attributed to a relapse of his longtime substance abuse issues. He has also consistently expressed regret for his often outspoken behavior and words in this time period. 

The pilot episode of Ramble On has reportedly wrapped, and Doug Ellin and Charlie Sheen (along with production company Angry Lunch) are looking for a distributing network. As long as Sheen’s notorious behavior stays kept in check for at least the time being, one would imagine his longtime success and Ellin’s track record will find a buyer eventually.