Charlie Hunnam Returning To His Star-Making Role?

Charlie Hunnam has stated that his Sons of Anarchy character, Jax Teller, is set to return.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

Charlie Hunnam’s role in Sons of Anarchy made him a star. Despite the series’ grim ending, the actor has been hinting that there may be a comeback for the show’s main character, Jax Teller, to return in some capacity. In a recent Hollywood Access interview, he opened up about his new efforts to potentially bring the franchise back.

This is a curious prospect being that Charlie Hunnam’s Sons of Anarchy character ended the series by taking his own life. It was a tragic tale, but Jax Teller committed suicide to protect his friends and family. While reboots and prologues series sequels are common in the modern market, making this feasible after such an abrupt ending to the original storyline may stretch fans to their limits. 

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Various shows have come back to offer more stories following familiar characters. But how the Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy series revival is approached will be a determining factor in whether or not loyal fans will return, and new audiences can be grabbed. While family favorites like Full House and even then faux-intellectual comedy Frasier have gained audience support for new additions, dramas are a harder sell, especially those in which the main character died. 

No matter how well-loved Jax Teller may have been, bringing him back from the dead would border on the soap-opera territory. While that worked for daytime dramas in the past, it’s not as easily accepted by newer crowds — who are already distracted by other screens and entertainment options. Given that Charlie Hunnam hasn’t released Sons of Anarchy details or anything more than his hopes and that it’s a possibility, fans may have a long wait ahead. 

Being that the spinoff added another nail in the coffin, utilizing Jax’s death as a major plot point, there are limited options as to what a reboot or other installment could entail. The show ended over 8 years ago, and as Charlie Hunnam ages a Sons of Anarchy prequel series grows less and less feasible as well, but it’s not entirely out of the question and so that may be one route that is being currently considered. To bring back the show or even just give the character new life in another series, writers could also get creative and utilize the power of dreams, foggy flashbacks, or other means of revitalizing the character without ruining the show’s original ending.  

It’s all speculation for now. Regardless, Charlie Hunnam has Sons of Anarchy on his mind, and he’s teased about reviving it for fans. When that comes to fruition is uncertain but the routes it could be achieved are limited based on the show’s ending. 

For now, the original Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy series is streaming on various services. From Amazon Prime to Hulu, these companies are allowing audiences to revisit their favorite episodes or binge-watch the entire series at their leisure. Hopes for the main character to make some sort of comeback are alive and so maybe Jax Teller will find his way back to the screen from beyond the grave.