Charlie Cox’s Role As Daredevil In Spider-Man 3 Revealed?

The Spider-Man: No Way Home details may have leaked and it looks like we now know how Charlie Cox is going to join the MCU

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Charlie Cox is one of Netflix Marvel characters who is set to make the leap over to the actual Marvel Cinematic Universe in the next couple of years. With the studio consolidating characters who’d appear elsewhere in other platforms or for different studios, it wasn’t known whether Marvel would want to reboot the characters or bring over the Netflix versions. For the most part, they are doing the latter. And now we might know how Cox might make his first appearance in the MCU. With Spider-Man: No Way Home details possibly leaking, BGR has even more specifics about how Cox factors in, putting him in the courtroom once again.

The details of the third Spider-Man movie look like they might have leaked last week and, if true, detail what could be a totally wild and possibly very emotional movie. There are going to be a ton of characters in this one, starting with Doctor Strange and a bevy of former villains in the web-slinger franchises through the years. In addition to a wide-ranging plot, Charlie Cox is apparently involved as well. But it might not be in full costume as Daredevil quite yet. In the movie, it looks like he’s going to lean into the legal side of his character by defending Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the court of law. Will Charlie Cox be a hero here without a single punch or kick? He could be. 

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Considering how Spider-Man: Far From Home ended and what Peter Parker is up against in this next movie, he’s having to clear his name in a big way. And that could involve needing some lawyerly advice. Because the world now knows Peter Parker’s big secret, it makes sense that other heroes would want to come to his aid, even if it is as their respective alter egos. This would be the perfect way to bring in Cox at least for a mini-cameo to grease the proverbial superhero wheels going forward. They are both from New York and have significant crossover over in the comic books. Let Matt Murdock handle the case to start and forge a relationship for future stories. 

Charlie Cox first hit the scene in the Marvel world when he starred as Matt Murdock/ Daredevil in the titular Netflix series. Playing the blind lawyer with super-human sensory powers, the story acted like something of an origin story for the character as he forged a path fighting Hell’s Kitchen’s criminal underworld. Cox was great in the role and held it down for three seasons on the streaming platform. He’d make crossover appearances in the other Defenders’ shows and star in that team-up production as well. 

But with Netflix discontinuing that series and the other Defenders as well, the contractual two years needed to pass before Marvel could put them in their Cinematic Universe. That’s set to happen sooner than later. It will mean folding some of that group in. It looks like Jon Bernthal is going to be featured at some point in Moon Knight and Charlie Cox will be on an even bigger stage. Again, these are all still rumors. But the details of this particular leak were so specific and made so much sense that we’re inclined to think this is how Cox makes his first MCU appearance.