Charlie Cox To Return As Daredevil In She-Hulk Too

Charlie Cox is coming back as Daredevil, and it might be in more than one project.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Charlie Cox is reported to be returning to the role of Matt Murdock a.k.a. Daredevil in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. Fans of the actor’s take on the Marvel vigilante are thrilled to hear he could be coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there has been rampant speculation about what his potential return could mean for the character moving forward. One person believes they have the scoop on where Matt Murdock is headed after his encounter with everyone’s favorite wall-crawler.

Grace Randolph is claiming that Charlie Cox is in talks to appear in the eventual She-Hulk series that will premiere on the streaming service Disney+. It is worth noting that this sounds more like a logical deduction than an outright scoop. Randolph does not have the greatest reputation when it comes to being an entertainment tipster, so this could very well be a piece of obvious connection between the two characters instead of a real piece of news.

Why is it an obvious connection to believe that Charlie Cox would show up on She-Hulk? Because both Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk are New York City lawyers in the comic book canon. It seems like the clearest connection to make between the two, and there is a pretty overt storyline that the She-Hulk series could do in order to have the two characters meet. In the comics, Jennifer Walters has been an Assistant District Attorney and Matt Murdock is a defense lawyer. Putting them in a court case against each other is the kind of setup that is just begging to be brought to life on the small screen.

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Imagine Charlie Cox and Tatiana Maslany – or whoever is playing She-Hulk – anchoring an entire episode that is nothing more than a courtroom drama. No superheroics or fantastical action. Just a Hulked-out woman and a superpowered blind man matching wits in a court of law. The idea of a Law & Order episode playing out within the Marvel Cinematic Universe sounds way too delicious to pass up.

Of course, this all hinges on whether or not Charlie Cox is headed back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all. With all of the wild casting announcements we have heard about Spider-Man 3, we are keeping our fingers crossed that they end up being true. That is especially relevant when it comes to the possible return of Matt Murdock to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having him back as Daredevil and getting to see him be a lawyer again would be a real treat for fans of the canceled Netflix series.

We will simply have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for any more definitive news about Charlie Cox and his return as Matt Murdock. If he does pop up in Spider-Man 3, we can be fairly confident that he will be showing up in other future Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. And having him show up for an episode or two of She-Hulk to go head-to-head with Jennifer Walters in the courtroom? That just sounds like a Marvel fan’s dream come true.

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