Charlie Cox Returning As Daredevil In Another Hero’s Show

Charlie Cox making his mark on the Marvel universe after coming from Netflix and now will take part in yet another series as Daredevil

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Charlie Cox was great as Daredevil the first time around on Netflix and that’s earned a spot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward. Such is the nature of the comic book adaptation universe we have going on right now in which characters from one streaming service and studio can rather seamlessly move into a new world without missing a beat. And that’s what’s happening with Cox who is joining yet another MCU production with Geekosity reporting that he will join the new Echo tries on Disney+. 

The Marvel Universe is completely interconnected at this point so it should never really be a surprise to hear that any single character will appear on another character’s show. That being said, there are certain circles that tend to run a little closer to each other (usually based on the amount of power they have) and this news that Charlie Cox will be on Echo makes total sense. The two characters, Daredevil and Echo share similar traits in that they are missing one sense and have developed superhuman senses and powers around another. 

Bringing on Charlie Cox for a role in Echo goes beyond just the sensory deprivation piece though. The two have had quite a bit of overlap in the comic books as well. Echo, otherwise known as Maya Lopez is actually raised by Kingpin in her origin story after the latter killed the former’s father. She is deaf but has the ability to mimic other people’s skills and powers nearly one-to-one making her an incredibly skilled fighter (and really anything else she gets her eyes on) once she’s seen her opponents’ skills. 

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Echo will make her debut on the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye and play a major role in that first season. This will set the stage for her own program which will then include Charlie Cox as Daredevil. It’s worth noting that at times in the comic books, she and Matthew Murdock do have a romantic story arc. There’s a very good chance this is a central theme for the first season of that show with the Maya Lopez character (being played by Alaqua Cox, no relation) likely overlapping with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock when the two aren’t in costume. 

The movement of the Netflix Defenders of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage is underway with Charlie Cox taking some of the bigger parts starting things off. Considering that character was the most established among the previous group and likely the most popular from the actual printed stories, it makes sense that we will be seeing more of him than the others. 

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Charlie Cox coming to Echo is still in the planning stages with that show not likely to hit the screen anytime soon with that show not even definitely part of Marvel’s Phase Four timeline right now. In the meantime, it’s been rumored the actor will take part in the Secret Invasion mini-series as well. This is set to be a massive event, filled with a ton of different characters from the universe. So he’s working his way into more than one storyline and could be setting up for his own series at some point as well. 

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