See Channing Tatum And Salma Hayek Get Hot And Steamy In Magic Mike Trailer

Channing Tatum is back in the new trailer for Magic Mike's Last Dance, co-starring Salma Hayek.

By Mark McKee | Published

Unless you have been living under a rock or severely cut off from all things steamy for the past decade, then you are aware of the Magic Mike film franchise from Channing Tatum. If you are equally cut off from all things new and noteworthy, you may not know about the franchise becoming a trilogy, with its latest trailer hitting the internet and causing a storm of excitement. In the case of the third film, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, one thing sticks out among the film that looks to bring more of the same, the way Salma Hayek, new to the series in this film, brings the heat with her leading man in the trailer

The trailer opens with Tatum looking out over a cityscape, feeling aimlessness and longing for something more the way Mike Lane (AKA Magic Mike), always does. He then asks Salma Hayek the question he asks himself often: what does she want? The always elegant Salma Hayek answers by saying she wanted to escape her life and asks him if he likes bartending, only to find out he does much more than bartending, as what follows is a steamy dance number that he is known for.

What follows for the pair is a trip to London, where they chase their dreams together by putting together a show in the city, one that looks to be bigger than ever. While there is no exact premise released yet, Channing Tatum once called the Magic Mike films the Super Bowl of stripping. 

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike’s Last Dance

The first Magic Mike dropped in 2012 and saw the title character longing for his own business of making furniture out of driftwood, but needing to pay the bills by being the lead dancer at the strip club Xquisite. He takes on a protégé in a young college dropout looking for work and teaches him the ropes of making his way through the world, using his talents on and off stage while navigating his new feelings for his protege’s sister and his on-again-off-again relationship with someone else. The first film also starred Matthew McConaughey as Dallas, the greasy club owner; Alex Pettyfer as Adam, the protege; Olivia Munn as his on-again-off-again girlfriend, and fellow dancers Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer. 

The sequel, Magic Mike XXL, showed up three years later and saw Tatum’s Mike Lane struggling to keep his business afloat in the midst of dealing with his girlfriend leaving him after rejecting his proposal. Aside from the female actors and McConaughey and Pettyfer, much of the dancing cast returned. New additions to the cast were Andie McDowell and Amber Heard, and while it got relatively mediocre reviews, people enjoyed it enough, yet it took seven years for Tatum to return to the life of male strippers.

With a brand new cast of Salma Hayek, Gavin Spokes, Caitlin Gerard, and others, Magic Mike’s Last Dance seems to be bringing this well-oiled storyline to a close, with him leaving his beloved Miami for the UK. Time will tell if audiences still have a taste for Channing Tatum’s gyrating and acrobatic moves.