Channing Tatum Begging Marvel To Let Him In

Channing Tatum still calls Marvel to ask if they are interested in his Gambit movie.

By James Brizuela | Published

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A few years ago, we all heard the huge rumor that Channing Tatum was going to be the lead in a solo Marvel Gambit movie, which excited many fans, though it was unceremoniously canceled before it got started. Tatum has grown into quite the actor and one that would presumably be able to handle the pressures of leading a Marvel movie. Tatum has not been granted that movie, but has been begging the MCU to still let it happen, as he stated to Vanity Fair, “We call every once in a while, but we’ve got to spiritually, emotionally, kind of mentally let it go.”

Though the Gambit movie was canceled Channing Tatum admitted that he calls Marvel every once in a while to gauge their willingness to let the movie happen. However, his plan for the X-Men solo movie might be the biggest reason why he is still begging. Apparently, he and his producing partner Reid Carolin wanted to make this Gambit movie a “raunchy stand-alone.”

When Fox was absorbed by Disney, they took control of the previously Fox-owned properties, which were the X-Men characters. Channing Tatum admitted that Disney was not buying into the tone of the movie that he wanted to make, and Marvel likely wouldn’t either. However, despite his canceled Gambit movie, he could still appear as the card thrower later.

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The MCU is currently bringing in mutants, and Namor and Ms. Marvel are two of the first confirmed mutants to officially be introduced in Marvel’s current continuity. Hugh Jackman is also going to be reprising his role as Wolverine in the Deadpool 3 movie, so there is still hope for Channing Tatum to appear as Gambit for Marvel. Granted, he might not be able to make whatever raunchy film he wanted to make, but he could still be cast as the hero in a potential X-Men movie.

So far, there are no plans to introduce the X-Men as a new MCU movie, but that could certainly change. The MCU is currently cultivating new plans, and messing with its own release schedule, so it could be that more secret movies can find their way into the fold. For all we know, Channing Tatum could be tricking everyone into thinking Marvel has no interest in him starring as Gambit, only to roll him out in some big reveal.

Channing Tatum could also just join Marvel as Gambit in a one-off cameo, much like John Krasinski did in Doctor Strange 2. He was fan-cast as Reed Richards, only to be mercilessly murdered by the Scarlet Witch. Though he is likely to not appear as Mister Fantastic again, apart from possibly in Avengers: Secret Wars, it was still one of the biggest surprises that Marvel has pulled off.

We could see Channing Tatum being introduced by Marvel in the same way, which could then maybe lead to a Gambit solo movie. Either way, he might have to wait a bit longer while Marvel puts together its bigger plan for the mutants. They are slowly starting to appear in bigger movies, but it might be some time before an entire X-Men team hits the big screen.